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PEP Kitchen, launched for delivery in 2020, is on a mission to keep the nation’s freezers stocked with street food inspired vegan meals. Ensuring that, during the current crisis and beyond, anyone can enjoy one of their seven prepared frozen meals, ready in under 10 minutes.

PEP Kitchen is a start-up food business led by chef founders Joe Coulter & Ben MacAndrews who, after eight years working in restaurants and street food, have teamed up with the aim of inspiring people to eat more plant-based food.

In the PEP range dishes like; ‘Gunpowder Roasted Roots with Coconut Dhal’, ‘Szechuan Mapo Tofu’ and ‘Jackfruit Massaman Curry’ strive to stand up alongside all ready meals on the market, vegan or otherwise. They are created with inspiration from some of the pair’s favourite street food experiences, using unique and bold flavour combinations.

At £5.75 each, all dishes are perfect portions for one, created to be super bold, tasty and equally nutritious; dishes largely come in under 400 calories, gluten-free and are high in fibre and good sources of protein.  They are available to purchase from the PEP Kitchen website and are delivered across the UK via a carbon-neutral delivery service.

PEP Kitchen first started trialling their dishes at Venn Street Market, Clapham, in December 2019, honing their recipes and establishing those meals most in demand.

This activity prepared them for their national launch, ensuring the PEP team were able to offer delicious and convenient meals across the country, as people tried to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis. In an additional attempt to support, the boys have also decided to offer free home delivery across the UK.

Here to build a sustainable food business that is good for people’s health and the environment, the founders use their experience as restaurant chefs to ensure that alongside these aims there is no compromise on a great tasting product.

The packaging is 100% home compostable or recyclable. PEP use award-winning Huhtamaki Fresh containers and recycled denim as insulated liners in their delivery boxes. Another deliberate decision of the team who are committed to creating something that considers the environment at its core.

To add to this the duo are also passionate about combating food waste. A woeful 1/3 of all food produced in the UK ending up in the bin, developing a frozen product was Joe and Ben’s way to help battle this. PEP meals can be heated from frozen in under 10 minutes, ready to eat when you are, meaning less food wasted at home. Freezing has also allowed the chefs to cook naturally without additives or preservatives associated in more commercial ready meal products.

Co-founder Joe says that

“It’s all about bringing some fun, energy and flavour to everyday cooking which oozes naturally out of the street food scene and works so well with amazing plant-based ingredients”.

Co-founder Ben:

“Creating highly nutritious food is vitally important to us. We are determined to make it easy for people to make positive changes to their diet, both for themselves and for the environment”

Price: £5.75

Full range includes;

Gunpowder Roots Indian style root vegetables with coconut dhal and rice Jackfruit Massaman Fragrant Thai Jackfruit curry with rainbow veg

Chipotle Bean Stew Mexican bean stew with roasted sweet potato Jerk Sweet Potato Caribbean style Jerk curry with coconut rice and peas Harissa Hotpot North Africa butternut, chickpea and tahini stew Mapo Tofu Spicy Szechuan dish with tofu in a shiitake sauce

Mungbean Moussaka Greek layered dish with mung beans, aubergine & potato

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