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Welcome to The Chatter

Hello and welcome to The Chatter!

I thought I would write a little bit of an explanation of The Chatter and how you can get involved.

My vision for The Chatter is to be a platform where your voice is heard. Have you always wanted to write "that" piece on a subject you were passionate about? Well, today is your day.

Whether you want to rave about your fave producer, veganism, food waste or your journey in this industry, this is the place to do it.

Ok, there are some rules. Nothing political, nothing rude, and defo nothing that is aimed at another individual. We're not here for a food fight.

The benefits of writing for The Chatter? The floor is yours. Write your piece, get it published on a supportive platform, and it may only need a slight bit of editing from me.

Submit ideas to me at - and don't forget you will need a small bio, your social links, and an image.

I look forward to hearing from you!


The Editor

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