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At a studio in the centre of London - magic happens, (like shit hot magic). 

London Kitchen Social
London Kitchen Social launched by Majella O'Connell

Held monthly, and growing rapidly, London Kitchen Social is definitely in London (TICK), very much in a Kitchen (TICK TICK) and 100% Social (OBVS). But it is so much more than that.

The brainchild of the businesswoman, all-around badass food photographer and social media guru Majella O’Connell (aka Pavlova and Cream), London Kitchen Social’s ethos is to bring together talented individuals, with a shared love - food.

The difference between London Kitchen Social and other chef networking groups? At its nucleus, LKS is here to kickstart independent talent and allow them to have a visual platform.

The role of food photography has changed. We have always eaten with our eyes, but with the exponential growth of platforms including Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat allowing customers to decide what they want to stuff in their mouth before you’ve ironed your chef's whites.

Today (well, actually yesterday) is the time for food photography. For chefs, food producers, recipe developers, designers, tweeter eaters and anyone in hospitality - pictures sell.  

London Kitchen Social is here as a platform to offer an affordable, creative and supportive environment for butchers, bakers and all types of makers to collaborate under one roof.

“What do I need to do?”, we hear you cry.

Bring your brain, bring your wares, bring your talent.

Create three dishes based on selected core ingredients, and get 30 high res edited images of your plates taken by Majella.

Not only that, you get the opportunity to create dishes alongside equally creative chefs, artisan producers, writers, photographers, filmmakers and many more. Have a beer (or two), share content, collaborate on ideas, support projects, make friends and immerse yourself in great food.

London Kitchen Social is a photography-focused creative networking opportunity. But it is also a growing family of creatives from every walk of life, allowing it to be as diverse and as open-minded as the City it was born in.



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Pavlova and Cream 

London Kitchen Social

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Pavlova and Cream

London Kitchen Social

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