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Anthony Raffo

Creme Fraiche Sorbet, Miso Caramel and Crispy Capers Dusted In Nori Sugar

Anthony Raffo Creme fraiche sorbet, miso

Anthony Raffo is currently Sous chef of 2 AA rosette, auberge du lac, and future chef patron of Toasted Hay which is a relaxed fine dining restaurant offering the best of British seasonal and foraged produce.

Instagram - @anthonyraffo

Instagram - @toastedhay



Creme Fraiche Sorbet:

  •  200g Creme fraiche 

  •  200g Sugar

  •  125g Glucose syrup

  •  5g Xanthan powder 

  • 1/2 litre Water 


 Miso Caramel:

  •  200g Sugar

  •  50g Miso paste 

  • 80g Butter

  •  240g Double Cream


 Nori Powder:

  •  5 sheets of nori 


Nori Sugar: 

  • 5 sheets of nori 

  • 100g of caster sugar


 Crispy capers:

  •  100g of brined capers



 Creme Fraiche Sorbet:

Into a heavy base pan place the water, glucose syrup and sugar. Bring to a boil.  Take off the heat and quickly whisk in the xanthan powder. Place into a paco jet container with the creme fraiche and freeze. Once frozen put into paco jet to churn then serve. 


 Miso Caramel:

 Make a dry caramel with the sugar till golden.  Remove from heat.  Slowly whisk in the cream.  Then whisk in the butter and miso. Continue whisking until the mixture starts to thicken. Cool at room temperature. 


 Nori Powder:

 Blend nori sheets until a fine powder.  Pass through a fine sieve. 


 Nori Sugar:

 Blend nori sheets until a fine powder. Pass through a fine sieve.  Blitz sugar for 20 seconds. Add nori powder and blitz for another 10 seconds to combine.


 Crispy Capers:

 Drain capers from the brine.  Heat a heavy based pan of oil to 200c.  Fry the capers in the oil for 20 seconds or until you see them puff.  Remove capers and place onto a cloth to soak up excess oil. While still warm using a bowl shake and toss the capers in your nori sugar until well coated.

To Finish:

Scoop a ball of sorbet on a chilled plate using a warm spoon, make a large dip into the sorbet. In this dip, spoon in your miso caramel and top with crispy capers. Using small sieve dust the plate with nori powder to finish. 

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