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Founded in 2019, Chatting Food is an online publication featuring engaging and relevant content from food and drink. The magazine offers opportunities for recipes, reviews, news, interviews and features. We currently work with over 100 PR agencies, chefs, brands and restaurants to cultivate the best content. Our style? We are informal - we just love to chat food - and so do our bank of writers from across the UK who are available for reviews and events. What makes us different? We are a supportive platform, giving voice to new writers, allowing chefs to publish new recipes, shouting about new openings and pop-ups, and sharing positive news. 


Press Release and PR Agencies

We offer

We are open to press releases.

  • Please, can all press releases come with at least one high res image. Our site is image-led, and we won't be able to run it without one. 


Please send all releases to 


Our feature list is available here


Our business aim is not to crowd our content and news with display advertising. 

Therefore we are always looking to build long term relationships with brands and businesses through sponsorship of sections of our site. 

Currently, we offer sponsorship of: 

News - only your banner advert on the news page and every news post on our site

Recipes - only your banner advert on the recipe section of your site. This sponsorship also includes 2 branded recipes per month and inclusion on our email.

Interviews: Have the chance to sponsor our interview pages and get your banner advert on each interview page, and a specific set of 5 "quickfire' questions relating to your brand.

All sponsorship is set out for 3 months and starts at £200 per month. 

Feature Writers and Contributors


At Chatting Food we like to be transparent and honest. Currently, we are not in the position to pay for featured work (but we are working on it) - and we are not here to convince you to work for free. 

We are a UK based magazine, and though we would like to be, we can't be in all places at all times. 

What we can't offer you in cold hard cash, we hopefully can offer you in experience and coverage - and hopefully amazing food. 


We are always looking for contributors from across the UK who would like to have their voice heard through this platform. We are also looking for a bank of writers to attend events on our behalf throughout the UK and to contribute with images, reviews or interviews. 

We don't have a "tone of voice" guide or an editorial policy as such. We want to give you the opportunity to write your article, develop your following and hopefully enjoy Chatting Food with our readers. In return, we will promote you, credit you and link back to your site. 

If this still feels like something you would like to do, please get in touch. 

Download our Contributor Pack Here

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