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Anthony Raffo

Scallops Marinated in Dill Kombucha Vinegar, Soured and Torched Lettuce, Fermented Cauliflower, Dill and Elderflower. 


Anthony Raffo is currently Sous chef of 2 AA rosette, auberge du lac, and future chef patron of Toasted Hay which is a relaxed fine dining restaurant offering the best of British seasonal and foraged produce.

Instagram - @anthonyraffo

Instagram - @toastedhay



1 x Scallops 

100g Dill kombucha vinegar

½ Cauliflower

2 pinches of Sea Salt 

100g Milk

200g Oil

½ Iceberg Lettuce

2 Bunches of Dill

1 Sprig of Elderflower



Dill kombucha vinegar: 
Ferment your kombucha. After two to three weeks add one bunch of dill. Leave uncovered at room temperature then once you have reached your desired level of acidity and infusion, strain and bottle and leave at room temperature ready to marinated your scallops. 


Slice a fresh scallop very thin and marinade for 15 minutes in the dill kombucha vinegar and a pinch of sea salt. 

Dill oil:
Warm your oil to about 50c. Pick the tips of dill off the stalk and add to a thermo mix. Carefully pour your oil onto the dill and spin on full until you reach 80c then strain through a cheesecloth and cool. ( save a few sprigs for garnish ) 

Go out and forage a fresh spring of elderflower for garnish. ( grows in abundance around May, June time ) 

Lacto ferment your cauliflower for two weeks. Then boil in the same brine you fermented the cauliflower in until soft.


Blitz into a smooth purée and season. 

For the sauce take a few spoons full of your purée and add it to your milk then split with your dill oil. 

Lacto ferment your iceberg lettuce for two weeks. Take a nice slice of your lettuce, showing all the layers place on a heavy base tray and blowtorch until you reach the desired effect.

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