Firstly I would like to thank you for your supporting Chatting Food over the last 12 months.

It has turned into a platform that has aimed to support the most fabulous restaurants, chefs, brands and products on the market. Empower food writing and conversation and cheerlead.

We have enjoyed interviewing chefs & creators, reviewing restaurants, supporting openings, hollering about popups and sharing interesting and positive industry news.

And we want to carry on doing that - but we can’t for the time being.

In these changing and emotional times, we need to support each other more than ever.

Therefore Chatting Food needs to change for a little while and I hope you can continue to support us. We want to continue to create a platform of support and therefore we will be focusing on the following new content themes.


Aim: To get people in the kitchen, children learning, new skills. We’re looking at simple everyday recipes, I don’t want to encourage people to shop for rare or unusual ingredients. I want this to be more resourceful than aspirational.

  • Family Meals

  • Get Kids Cooking

  • Batch Cooking

  • Cheap

  • Limited Ingredients

  • New Recipes To Try

  • Slow Cooking

  • Baking


We will require recipes to be submitted in a specific format to limit uploading time. This can be downloaded from here:



We will continue to run our features section but would like to add a resources section to the site which will include any 

  • Tips and Hacks 

  • How To Guides (e.g. grow spring onions in a jar, dry chillies, store correctly, pickle, freeze and batch cook)

  • Challenges (e.g. something people can get involved in (make a sourdough starter, pizza dough base, non-churn ice cream)

  • General Help (guides on freezing, or veg and herb growing)



We will continue when possible to create our product round-up features, obviously aimed at internet purchase at the moment, rather than store. 

If you have any regional roundups on restaurants still doing take out services, we will look to publish these. Though this is a very fast-changing market at the moment. 


Please still send us any news and updates from Chefs, restaurants and brands. We will try our best to promote where we can. 


All recipes will be credited with links back to websites. 

Once again, thank you for your support. 

I hope we can continue to work together and your clients have content to get involved. And when we are the other side of this, we can kick on with reviews, openings, events and all the social mingling we have taken for granted! 

I hope you and your families stay safe - health comes first!

Speak soon

Ellen x