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Prosecco DOC & Danilo Cortellini

Mother's Day Spritz

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Prosecco DOC has a new Mother’s Day cocktail created by Danilo Cortellini, head chef of the Italian Embassy in London, using Prosecco DOC sparkling wine. Cherry & Prosecco DOC Spritz is based on a classic Italian spritz with a little added flair, using fresh fruits and cherry liqueur.




75 ml of Prosecco DOC
25 ml of cherry liqueur
A splash of soda
2 fresh ginger slices
Fresh cherries to garnish
Mint to garnish
Ice cubes



Serve in large Prosecco glasses and you can mix this cocktail directly into the glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add de-stoned cherries and the slices of fresh ginger.


Pour the cherry liqueur into the glass and stir well. Now add the soda water and the Prosecco DOC. Stir gently to avoid losing all the lovely bubbles and garnish with fresh mint.



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