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Patron Tequila

Eve Bar London - Adam's Apple

Adam's Apple, Eve close up w garnish.jpg

For Earth Day, Patrón asks you to rethink your cocktails by mixing creativity and sustainability. An example of this is "Adam's Apple" from Eve Bar in London. 


Inspired by the ethos of its namesake – a commitment to letting nothing go to waste – the cocktail is made of leftovers from the pastry section and has been created by former Scout bar chef, Sam Orrock.

20ml Apple infused Patron Añejo tequila

35ml Cherry Bark infused aperitif wine

2.5ml Caraway

15ml Apple Oleo Saccharum + Garnish with seasonal flowers (in Eve bar this is currently plum blossom)




1. Take a leftover apple from the kitchen. Peel and add the flesh to Patrón Tequila and infuse for 2 days.

2. Put apple’s skin and sugar into a vacuum pack to remove all air and mix equal parts of this and mineral water to make a 1:1 syrup. Pass the liquid through a chinois and bottle.

3. Add a cherry to aperitif wine in a vacuum pack and remove all air. Infuse for 24h and pass through a coffee filter.

4. Mix all the ingredients and serve in a chilled champagne glass.



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