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James Sherwin

White Asparagus, Buttermilk Dashi, Gooseberry

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James Sherwin is an Experimental Chef, a keen forager and owner of Wild Shropshire restaurant at Ternhill Farmhouse in his home county of Shropshire.

Previously a contestant on Channel 4 show ‘The Taste’ featuring judges Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre in 2013, James went on to sell out various pop-up events before settling down at his own venture, Wild Shropshire. 

James specialises in using locally sourced in-season ingredients to create his tasting menus, with diners not knowing their menu until the end of the night.


Instagram -jameswildshropshire

Twitter: @chefjamessherwin

Facebook: Wild Shropshire

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 8 white asparagus spears

  • 500mls buttermilk

  • 40mls cream

  • 100g kombu

  • White soy to taste

  • 200g gooseberries

  • 100g rapeseed oil

  • 30g wild garlic


Buttermilk Dashi

Heat the buttermilk in a pan on high heat until it splits.

Drain the whey through a fine sieve lined with muslin into a separate pan with the kombu. Dispose of the curds that are left.

Heat the kombu and whey to 80ºc, hold at this temperature for 10 minutes. Then remove the kombu.

Blitz 100g of the gooseberries in a high-powered blender, pass through a fine sieve lined with muslin

Use the gooseberry juice and white soy to season the dashi; it should be slightly sourer than the other flavours.

Mix in cream.

Wild Garlic Oil

Blend the oil and wild garlic in a high powered blender until smooth.

Drain the garlic oil through a fine sieve lined with a paper coffee filter.


Wash the asparagus thoroughly and wipe with a J cloth to remove any surface dirt

Use a mandolin to cut into equal length thin strips.

Use straight away


Arrange equal length slices of asparagus, season with a little sea salt

Finely cut slices of gooseberry and arrange at one end of the asparagus.

Add the dashi and split with wild garlic oil.

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