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5 Canned Cocktails You Need This Summer

Nothing beats a cocktail in the British Summer Time. Now, with social distancing rules starting to curb, there still might be a little bit of a worry about sharing large bottles and cocktail jugs. Never fear though, there is always a solution, and this one is canned cocktails.


Created by husband and wife duo Emily and Darius Darwell, Sipful creates 250ml, fully recyclable canned wine and canned cocktails with a conscience. Toast celebratory moments with Organic Bubbly, Orange Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa and Bellini, all created using organic wine and 100% natural fruit. Sipful products are created using organic wine and 100% natural fruit to produce a range of fully recyclable canned alcoholic drinks for consumers to enjoy both at home and on the go. The range is proudly ‘zero-manipulation’, meaning no additives or

preservatives are involved in the creation of Sipful products.

Available to purchase from the Sipful online shop

RRP £14.95/4 pack of Mimosas and Bellinis, RRP £15.49/4 pack of Organic Bubbles

Empirical Spirits

Copenhagen based Empirical Spirits’s canned cocktail offering showcases the company’s flavour first ethos. The two different expressions, CAN 01 and CAN 02 use uniquely selected ingredients for refreshing and delicious cocktails that you can imbibe anywhere

Delicately fizzy, CAN 01 leads with an acidic gooseberry flavour balanced by a flowery oolong tea, and rounded out by freshly cut toasted birch and an undercurrent of pomelo zest.

Can 02 is effervescent, enlivening, fruity. The walnut wood gives a sturdy depth to the notes of zesty sour cherry, aromatic black currant buds, and lemony maqaw pepper.

Available to purchase at Empirical webshop. | RRP - Pair for £11 |

Bloody Drinks

Founders Will Best and Harry Farnham made it their mission to find the perfect Bloody Mary – they started making their own for friends and family and Bloody Drinks was born from there.

The Bloody Classic is created using high-quality ingredients including premium vodka and Amontillado sherry for the body, the finest tomatoes from Italy and Spain for natural sweetness, fresh lemons for acidity, Worcestershire and soy sauce for a rich, umami-packed base, and the legendary TABASCO® Sauce for that much-needed kick.

The Bloody Classic is free from additives, flavour enhancers and other nasties, and is only 130kcal. Most importantly though, it’s a well perfected, ready-to-go recipe, ideal for those who didn’t spend lockdown becoming an amateur mixologist. Perfect for picnics and al fresco socialising.

Purchase from the Bloody Drinks Website from £13 for a pack of 4.

Tios Alcoholic Tea

Tios are a sparkling alcoholic tea or hard tea made with brewed organic white tea, quality spirits and all-natural flavours for a not-so-guilty pleasure. It’s low calorie, zero sugar and 4.4% abv served in 250ml cans in three flavours inspired by favourite cocktails: White Tea Margarita, White Tea Mojito, White Tea Light & Stormy.

This relatively new to market product is light, refreshing and well balanced with a subtle herbal hint from the white tea. Perfect with ice, and sunshine.

Purchase directly from Tios website from £17.99 for 6 cans.

Thomas Tipple - Passionfruit Mimosa

Tropical passionfruit and fizzy bubbles make this the perfect drink for picnics, garden parties, or Sunday brunch, or just any time really.

They pack a passionfruit punch too!

The benefits, these canned cocktails contain no artificial flavours or sweeteners and are 100% gluten-free. Each serving has less than 8 grams of sugar and only 99 calories, which though we don't condone, means you have more than one, right? Chill and serve over ice or with slices of fresh fruit

Box of 12 starts at £22.50 from Mighty Small


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