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Chatting Food's Summer Reads

Here's our pick of the latest food and drinks books to liven up those summer evening gatherings with friends and family. From the best beers and Japanese small bites to a table spread with tasty dishes from around the world, we've got you covered.

Otsumami by Atsuko Akida

Atsuko is a Japanese chef, writer and food photographer, and the founder/owner of Atsuko’s Kitchen, offering catering and sell-out classes in Japanese cookery.

This collection of inviting and accessible recipes will help you throw a summer drinks party with a difference. Infused with Japanese flavours, the dishes are all delicious, perfect for sharing, easy to make and beautifully presented. Alongside the 70+ recipes Atsuko includes a section on party planning, information about Furoshiki, a basic guide to Japanese beverages and how to serve them, plus some deliciously inventive cocktail recipes.

RRP: £20

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The Gluten-Free Cookbook by Cristian Broglia

This 400 page global guide features 350 gluten-free, home-cooking recipes from around the world. What's different about this book is that the recipes are all naturally gluten-free and do not rely on any substitute ingredients or special techniques.

Italian Chef Cristian Broglia decided to unearth his country's naturally gluten free dishes, discovering classic recipes such as Farinata, Amaretti, Vitello Tonnato and Risi e Bisi. From there he was encouraged to continue his research internationally and create a book of delicious, classic dishes - which just happen to be be gluten-free. Recipes include Creole jambalaya from the United States, summer rolls from Vietnam, Israeli falafel and bibimbap from Korea, as well as many lesser-known regional specialties.

RRP: £35

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United Kingdom of Beer by Adrian Tierney-Jones

A new book from renowned beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones will take readers on a fascinating journey across the British Isles, exploring 250 of the finest beers available in bottles and cans.

Focusing entirely on the domestic market, the United Kingdom of Beer offers a comprehensive overview of the types and styles of beer available in modern Britain, complete with tasting notes and fascinating background stories about each beer. There are also tips on how to pair the beers with food, mood and occasion, from an evening spent in front of the fire to a barbecue with friends; perfect for summer reading.

RRP: £17.99

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The Levantine Table by Ghillie Basan

A collection of recipes inspired by the vibrant and diverse culture of the Levant, the region of the Middle East that stretches along the shores of the eastern Mediterranean.

In the book you will find small plates to relish (relish being the original meaning of the Persian word maza from which the term mezze derives) including dips, salads and small bites – hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh and falafel – as well as less familiar recipes. Fish and chicken dishes are enhanced by spicy marinades, such as paprika and lemon-infused taouk; or how about one of the greats of Levantine feasting, a slow-roasted spiced lamb shoulder served with a pomegranate, yogurt and pistachio sauce? It's a book you can dip into throughout the year.

RRP: £25

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Photograph of Otsumami by Yuki Sugiura © Ryland Peters & Small

Photograph of The Levantine Table by © Ryland Peters & Small

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