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Crudo Cevicheria announces full dine in menu at new Mare St site

One of the first ceviche-focussed concepts in the capital has announced the opening of an eat-in only restaurant on Hackney’s Mare Street on 17th November. Crudo has expanded its vibrant menu to include hot dishes, a greater variety of ceviche and a South American focussed cocktail menu. The restaurant’s launch comes ahead of other new openings for the brand, which is planning further sites before the end of the year.

Crudo is a cevicheria with a menu spanning the flavours of South America. Opening a meal at the new Mare Street site are small plates and snacks including Avocado and Beetroot Tartare, the popular staple of soft and crunchy cheese bread, Brazilian Pão de Queijo w/ Guava-Rocoto Dip and the long favoured Pastel de Choclo , a savoury Peruvian corn cake with feta and fresh pico de gallo sauce. The Tequila Sunomono comes highly recommended, a unique and refreshing tequila pickle that works well to open the meal.

Ceviche is a mainstay on the menu, typically raw fish in Leche De Tigre - a citrus based marinade that gently cures the fish. Crudo’s menu includes four ceviches, each with their own different Leche De Tigre that is made in house with a 12 hour fish stock and red chilli.

  • Sea Bass, Tradicional Leche de Tigre, Sweet Potato & Avocado, the classic Peruvian marinade with lime, ginger and chilli

  • Tuna, Ponzu Leche de Tigre, Edamame & Nori Seaweed, a Japanese take on the marinade with soy, sesame and yuzu

  • King Prawn, Mexicana Leche de Tigre, Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes, a Mexican version with jalapeno, cucumber and coriander

  • Mushroom, Habanero Leche de Tigre,Sweet Potato, Burnt Corn & Avocado , a marinade of lime, habanero and tomatoes.

A range of tiraditos - a Peruvian fish dish similar to Sashimi - include Octopus with Peruvian Criolla Sauce & La Vera Valley Smoked Paprika and Tuna with Orange-Ponzu Sauce, Red Chilli & Crispy Quinoa .

A new selection of bigger plates to share include 36 Hour Short Ribs cooked in brown beer, aji amarillo and aji panca and Catch of the Day, a whole fish cooked over coals with aji verde, a sauce of coriander, jalapenos and lime. Sides include Roast Sweet Potato and Rice w/ Furikake Latino.

Crudo is known for its delicious house cocktail - the Pisco Sour, but the cocktail menu has taken on a whole new life at Mare Street with an extensive list including new Pisco, Mezcal and Tequila serves, Standout drinks include Chilcano - ABA Pisco, ginger ale, ginger, angostura bitters, Manzanita - Disaronno Amaretto, cider, lime, apple, Cola de mono - Hejlo Coffee Liqueur, ABA Pisco, fresh coffee, cinnamon. The wine list had also been extended for the new site with a solid selection of organic and sustainable wines on offer. The list will be constantly updated thanks to a strong partnership with their suppliers Wanderlust. Founders Maria Yanez and Carlos Socorro created Crudo in 2019, noticing a gap in the market for their beloved ceviche. The couple, both from Venezuela, met in Miami, where ceviche is the go-to quick bite, available on every street corner. Once they moved to London, the delicious dish was missing from their lives and all places serving ceviche had a high price tag. Enter Crudo! An affordable and personalisable ceviche concept to introduce hungry Londoners to ceviche.

The Fitzrovia site opened in September 2019, just six months before the pandemic changed the direction of their business. A site in Old Street followed with some dine-in tables to allow people to sit in and enjoy their ceviche, here they perfected the recipes of their two menu staples, Ceviche and Pisco Sours.

The new site in Mare Street represents an evolution of Crudo to a restaurant site and introduces Londoners to a whole host of new and exciting South American dishes. | @eatcrudo | Mare Street, Fitzrovia, Old Street


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