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Editor's Pick: 5 Alcoholic Drinks For Summer Fun

Editor Ellen Pope recommends five drinks to order for a weekend of fun.

Summer has arrived, the white bits are turning pink. So to cool you down I round up five interesting and tasty bottles I want to see in your insta pics, cocktail glasses and summer BBQs. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @ellenpope and @chattingfood - we want to see your summer of eating and drinking!

Black Cow Vodka Negroni

Black Cow Vodka Negroni offers an international take on the classic Italian Sundowner.

The Black Cow Vodka Negroni combines the English Pure Milk Vodka, Italian Campari, Spanish vermouth, and a secret blend of natural bitters. It is these bitters that give the cocktail complexity, not to mention a citrusy zing that speaks of summer.

Serve: straight from the bottle with little preparation. For a short drink, simply pour over ice and stir. Alternatively, top up with soda water and garnish with a slice of orange.

Limoncello Di Capri

This is the citrus-infused taste of summer. Serve chilled with tonic and be transported to the Italian sunshine. This lemony delight is great to make up pitchers with for summer gatherings.

Serve: chilled in a tall glass or jug, with ice and tonic.

El Sueno

From the team at Vivir this is a sustainable and affordable way to enjoy tequila. High quality with no compromise on taste, El Sueno is a mixto tequila, made in a sustainable way with less agave.

The drink has been specifically crafted to go perfectly in long drinks and cocktails

Serve: in Margaritas, tequila and tonic or tequila and ginger ale.


Nixta Licor de Elote is a Mexican corn liqueur made from a base of tender, ancestral cacahuazintle maize, grown in the high valleys and foothills of the Nevado de Toluca volcano. Nixta is produced at the Destilería y Bodega Abasolo, where they honour the Mexican culture of corn and the ancestral craft of nixtamalization—a 4,000 year old Mesoamerican cooking technique that uncovers the deepest flavours and aromas of maize.

Serve: as a summer cocktail, mix 1.5 parts Nixta, 10 parts Dry Hard Cider (or if you’d like a lower alcohol version then sparkling apple juice), 2 dashes Angostura® Bitters. Serve in a cider glass garnished with a thin slice of apple.

Inch's Cider

A delicious and refreshing new sustainable apple cider, Inch’s has launched just in time for a long-awaited sociable summer in the UK.

Perfectly balanced between sweet and dry Inch's, the new medium cider is lightly sparkling with a delightful, fresh apple aroma, candy fruit taste and subtle hint of vanilla. In fact, Inch’s tastes so great that four out of five 18–34-year-olds favour the crisp flavours packed into every inch of Inch’s pints, cans or bottles, over a leading competitor

Made from 100% British red apples, grown and sourced locally within 40 miles of its mill in Herefordshire, this crisp yet tangy refreshment has not only been carefully crafted with mouth-watering taste in mind, but with sustainability at its core.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Ellen Pope

Self-confessed potty mouth, mother of guinea pig and eater of 99.9% of food (don't bring me marzipan and tell me it is food). Ellen is the founder and Editor of Chatting Food Magazine and on a one-woman mission to talk food at everyone. Usually found tweeting, eating, sleeping, repeating.

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