Everything you need for a gluten and dairy-free easter

The good news is that having allergies or intolerances doesn't mean you should miss out on all the fun this Easter. Here's our guide to the best gluten and dairy-free snacks, meals, and eggs to tuck into.

1. Moo Free Organic Sour Cherry Egg

One of the most longstanding free-from brands is Moo-known for their dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan chocolates. A nice twist on the usual flavours, this organic sour cherry vegan egg makes a lovely change and still manages to taste creamy despite not containing milk.

Organic Sour Cherry Egg: £5.99, Moo

2. Morrison's Honeycomb and Raspberry Temptation Slab

Missing a crunchie or honeycomb chocolate since being gluten and dairy free? This slab-priced at just £2-is the perfect blend of sweet and crunchie and is utterly addictive.

Morrison's Honeycomb and Raspberry Temptation Slab: £2

3. Melt Strawberry Easter Egg

An egg with a difference. Handcrafted in Notting Hill, these eggs are pure luxury. The strawberry egg blends 70% dark chocolate and fresh strawberries (the green tip is made using passion fruit chocolate). The result? One of the best dairy-free eggs we've ever tried. It really does taste like eating fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Strawberry Easter Egg: £29.99, Melt Chocolates

4. Snaffling Pig Eggstra Porky Easter Gift

For an alternative to a traditional egg, why not try Snaffling Pigs alternative for the avid pork scratching fan. The egg is replaced with a large glass jar crammed with crunchy crisp pork scratchings-with a choice of 12 flavours (from marvellous maple to low and slow BBQ)

Snaffling Pig’s Eggstra Porky Easter Gift Set: available at www.snafflingpig.co.uk.

5. Buttermilk Hot Cross Fudge

This easter-themed fudge is crammed with raisins, fruit peel and mixed spices. Vegan fudge is hard to find so this one is extra special.

Buttermilk Hot Cross Bun Fudge: £9 (for 3 boxes), Buttermilk

6. Bellfield Beer Cases