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Foodhak - New Spring Menu

Looking to increase your energy levels or boost your gut health as we head into spring? Try Foodhak's meal delivery service, and get 40% off with the code SPRING40.

Foodhak use proprietary AI-technology to read thousands of the latest scientific research papers helping us understand which foods are the most beneficial for our long-term health. Their team of chefs use this information to reinvent and reimagine classic dishes into your new favourite ready-to-eat meals.

The new Spring menu includes Spicy Chicken Laksa (full of flavour and topped with spiced chicken and steamed veg for a bowl of uplifting goodness),  Red Thai Fish Curry (bursting with spice,  the protein-packed red dish is a serious treat for the tastebuds), as well as  Chicken Quinoa BiryaniChicken Jollof RiceChipotle Chicken BowlJerk Prawn Rice Bowl and Kimchi Fried Rice.



Founder & CEO Sakshi Chhabra Mittal was diagnosed with a rare liver disease during her first pregnancy and switched to a plant-based Ayurvedic diet as a form of medicine. Not only did this reverse her illness but it gave her more energy and helped her feel better than before. This gave her the idea of a meal delivery service that made 'food as medicine' delicious and accessible for all - healthy, delicious and convenient, with no compromises on flavour.

Browse the meals and plans here.

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Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

Amanda David is a freelance food writer specialising in London’s restaurants, bars, exhibitions and events. She is the Events Editor and a contributing writer for London Cheapo and a regular contributor to Palate Magazine.

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