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Get Kids Cooking with Little Cooks Co Kits

Fed up with kids' cooking projects always seeming to be biscuits, cakes or sweets? The new Little Cooks Co Savoury Cooking Kits takes the budding cook far beyond baking, teaching them essential basic cooking skills that will stay with them and help build healthy eating habits for life.

Each month features a different recipe that will introduce the cook to new flavours, making it a perfect option for fussy eaters. The kits come with all the organic dry ingredients needed to cook the recipe, plus a fun learning card which explains more about the hidden superpowers of foods and why they’re important to us. In addition, some of the Savoury Cooking Kit monthly extras include a pack of seeds for the child to grow, so they can experience the magic of growing and harvesting their very own ingredients. Above all, the cooking kits will teach children how to independently create and cook healthy, tasty meals.

Little Cooks Co kits make great gifts – either as a single kit or one of three different levels of subscription. They are designed for children aged 3-10 years, with subscription bundles starting from £35.99 (for three months) and can be purchased here. The ingredients all last up to three months, so they can be popped in the cupboard for a rainy day, and all boxes and recipe cards are 100% recyclable and ingredient packaging 100% compostable.


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