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Gingerliners and Whitebox: The Grand Expedition

Legends of the immersive dining scene Gingerline are returning to London for their first shows in the capital in four years with The Grand Expedition: The Incredible Edible Journey. Bigger and better than ever before, this magical 100-minute immersive  dining experience encompasses engaging storytelling and illustrations, acrobatic acts and impressive choreography.

Set within a fleet of hot air balloons, this new foodie journey will take diners on a journey around the world, touching down in far-flung destinations. Each stop is matched with a dish from a unique menu of enticing dishes created by Gingerline’s Executive Chef Jenny McNeill, along with a range of delicious classic cocktails courtesy of Whitebox. Diners are encouraged to get into the spirit of the occasion with fancy dress and accessories, and it definitely added to the fun immersive nature of the occasion to see fellow diners in flying helmets and goggles!

Greenaway & Greenaway’s animation and sound design immerses audiences in each location, with their signature style as seen in previous collaborations with the National Trust, The Roundhouse, the V&A, and the Pet Shop Boys. The projections incorporate these utterly charming illustrations from artist Fred Campbell, whose work on The Grand Expedition was longlisted for The World Illustration Award 2020.

We were so impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the set design. The story has been carefully considered and has a host of immersive touches such as puzzle-solving, decorated swings and interaction with the dancers and acrobats. Don't worry if, like me, you're someone who usually hides when performers request a volunteer from the audience; this is totally different, with just your own table involved and a very relaxed and good-natured atmosphere.

Tickets sell out incredibly quickly; we recommend signing up to their mailing list, as subscribers are offered tickets 48 hours before they go on sale to the public.

If you're missing the magic, you can get the delicious Whitebox cocktails delivered to your door; just pop your aviator goggles back on and let the adventures begin!

Shop cocktails here: Whitebox cocktails

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Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

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