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Interactive Culinary Experiences from Ibérica

If you've ever eaten at Ibérica (and if you haven't, you really should - it's fantastic), you will know that authenticity is a key staple of their ethos, proudly showcasing the very best of Spanish cuisine and culture through their carefully curated menu. The new Experiences are an embodiment of this spirit; not only do they offer guests an opportunity to enjoy and learn more in an interactive way, they also are a way for Ibérica to share the values of their gastronomic tradition and demonstrate their cultural expertise.

Choose from the following three interactive Experiences:

Spanish Gin and Tonic Experience This experience gives guests the opportunity to create 3 beautiful combinations of Spanish-style G&Ts using a variety of Spanish gins, premium tonics and botanicals. Sit back, sip and enjoy, alongside a selection of Ibérica’s best bar snacks.

Ham Carving Experience No prizes for guessing I tried this Experience and absolutely recommend it.; it's my favourite mix of fascinating and delicious.

The iconic Jamón Ibérico is renowned for being the best cured ham in the world. Join Ibérica’s experienced carver, who will explain the process of preparing it, from the rearing of the pigs to the curing process. You will then be shown the technique for carving that perfect thin slice and get the chance to have a go yourself. Generous tastings of three grades of Jamón Ibérico are served with a drinks pairing, followed by some of their legendary jamón croquetas.

Sherry Discovery Experience Sherry is a Spanish staple, with centuries of tradition and history. The Sherry Discovery Experience is designed to celebrate both new flavours and old favourites, whilst savouring the incredibly complex flavour profile of the much-loved wine. Sip on a selection of 5 different sherries, each paired with a variety of savoury nibbles.

For those looking for a bespoke activity to do with friends or colleagues, or to simply learn more about Spanish culture and cuisine, then look no further than a private masterclass. The experienced team at Ibérica can provide tailor-made experiences to suit all needs.

Book your place at one of Ibérica’s exclusive Experiences here.

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