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Interview: Cecily Mills, Cecily's Ice Cream

We caught up for a 5 min chat with Cecily Mills, the founder of plant-based Cornish ice cream Cecily's Ice Cream. And we learn what JFDI means!

Hi Cecily! Sum up your brand in one line

Super creamy plant-based ice cream.

Where can we find it?

Ocado, M&S and online – at – we have a new website launching in the middle of April.

What flavours are in the current range and do you have any new ones in the pipeline?

We have 7 flavours currently – Mint Choc Chip, Pure Chocolate, Pure Caramel, Double Caramel, Rum N Raisin, Creamy Coconut and Choc Orange. Yes, we do but for now, our lips are sealed.

Ahh, we don't mind you teasing us. Have you always followed a plant-based lifestyle?

It started when I was a retail manager at Oliver Bonus – I had a hideous commute and was fuelling myself with coffee, and quick fix meals and I felt dreadful. So I cut out caffeine and dairy to try and make myself feel better – which it did – but man I missed ice cream.

Have you always loved ice-cream?

Is the Pope a Catholic?

What made you want to launch your own food business?

When I gave up dairy I really missed ice cream but the commercially available ones tasted icy or were stuffed full of additives – I truly believed that I could make plant-based ice cream as creamy as dairy with ingredients you could find in your local health food shop.

What has been the biggest challenge in creating a frozen food brand?

Distribution – it’s hard and expensive.

Any tips for people at home dreaming of launching their own food brand? Listen to your gut feeling – people offer lots of well-meaning advice and you can’t take it all on board – but ask for help if you need to. People can be really generous with their time and will help you.

What’s your favourite bit about your job? I make ice cream.

Where do you think Cecily’s will be in 5 years? Having 50 flavours and being stocked across the globe.

We don't doubt that for one second. Do you have any motivational one-liners for food & drink startups?

I am so bad at these – there are so many cheesy ones you read, and, annoyingly, they are all pretty much true. but today I’ll leave you with this one - what my old Head of Region at M&S used to tell me when he visited my store: JFDI (just f***ing do it).

Cecily’s is available online, Ocado, M&S, and other independent retailers. RRP from £4.50.

Website: | Instagram: @cecilysicecream (rebranding from Coconuts Organic April 2021)


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