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James Sherwin launches Rask at Wild Shropshire

Multi award-winning Wild Shropshire Restaurant in Whitchurch, North Shropshire, is to open up ‘Rask at Wild Shropshire’, a brand new mid-week menu concept taking place initially on Thursday evenings from 21st August 2020.  

The new concept will follow the same ethos as Wild Shropshire with a multi-course, surprise tasting menu based on Shropshire Terroir, however, it will be a shortened version with fewer servings (approx 5), taking place over 2 hours and will act as an introduction to Wild Shropshire Friday and Saturday evenings.

Commenting on the new initial Thursday evening openings, founder, owner and Chef at Wild Shropshire, James Sherwin, said:-

’Rask at Wild Shropshire is a condensed version of what we offer on Friday and Saturday evenings but at a slightly lower price point.  It is, therefore, a fantastic and more economical introduction for those who haven’t experienced Wild Shropshire yet, and are perhaps slightly apprehensive about trying out a surprise tasting menu concept. We will be serving a multi-course, surprise tasting menu and we are really looking forward to welcoming new customers and showcasing our commitment to local, artisan producers and Shropshire based micro seasonal ingredients.’’

Rask at Wild Shropshire follows the ethos of being a terroir led, sustainable, seasonal food business with a regularly changing menu.

They cater to those with allergies and dietary requirements, however, customers must give prior notice upon booking for at least 72 hours ahead of the booking date.

Wine, beer and cocktail flights are not available at Rask at Wild Shropshire, they are however available on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Rask at Wild Shropshire will be set at £35 per head and bookings can now be taken via the website

To book a table at Rask at Wild Shropshire Restaurant, customers must do so in advance by visiting the website or calling 07766 685076.


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