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Kellogg's Kombos Pop Up

Calling all cereal mixologists and breakfast trailblazers! Prepare to mix up the fun, the taste and the crunch at the free Kellogg's Kombos Pop Up 26th – 29th Oct '23 at 1 Club Row, Shoreditch. Open for four days over the October half term, pop by to create your dream 'Kombo' from an extensive line-up of 25 iconic Kellogg's cereals.

Kellogg's has created cereal heaven with lots of choices to inspire breakfast buffs everywhere to mix and discover the possibilities. Welcomed by their own 'Kombos Koncierge', hungry cereal lovers will be guided through the 25 cereals, searching for their perfect breakfast blend. With 300 combinations to enjoy, the experience includes fan favourites like Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies alongside more adventurous and unusual varieties, including Krave Cookies & Cream and Crunchy Nut Granola Chocolate Mocha. Visitors can amp up the texture with Special K, double down on chocolatey crunch with Coco Pops or add a fruity pop with Fruit & Fibre. After landing on their dream Kombo, visitors can relax and enjoy a bowl in the Kombos Café with the milk of their choice before being gifted a pair of packs in an exclusive Kombos branded gift bag so that they can recreate their tasty twosome back home. This is a free, walk-in-only event, so cereal-loving pals should round up the troops, pack their appetites and dive into the fun taste of nostalgia that mixing your favourite Kellogg’s cereals brings.


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