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Lovingly Artisan Bakery launches breakfast bread box nationwide

There’s a seriously tasty combination that’s nearly as old as the hills, a perfect marriage of taste and texture, that’s been gracing our breakfast tables since the 1880’s and that’s bread and jam.

Lovingly Artisan Bread

This age-old combo is renowned as the perfect breakfast pairing and just the thing to help you start the day right! Which is why the team behind north west based Lovingly Artisan Bakery, have launched the ultimate breakfast collaboration with artisan condiment makers Hawkshead Relish.

The two companies have joined forces to bring their artisan made multi-award-winning produce together to create the ultimate breakfast box pairing. This rather special box contains a Lovingly Artisan Wholemeal & Scalded Bran sourdough loaf, a Spiced Apple sourdough loaf, and a Five-Grain Rye sourdough loaf all accompanied by a pot of Hawkshead Relish’s handmade rich raspberry and vanilla jam.

The trio of breads with their delicious accompaniment can be ordered direct to your door through Lovingly Artisan’s virtual bakery store.

Each sourdough loaf is specially made to order, to ensure each and every customer receives the highest quality, most delicious bread possible.

With that in mind, please make sure you order in plenty of time!

Your order journey Monday - Thursday:

Day 1 - Order placed (our order cut off is 4pm)

Day 2 - An early start for our bakers… Your bread dough is made and moulded

Day 3 - After 24 hours+ fermentation your bread is baked and then carefully boxed before being collected by courier.

Day 4 - Your sourdough is delivered safely to your doorstep! Enjoy!

Catherine Connor, co-owner of Lovingly Artisan Bakery, commented: ‘’We established our online bakery shop in November, and it didn’t take long for our customers to ask if we might draw together some complimentary products to add alongside our bread offering. So, we decided to curate a selection of perfect breakfast breads to sit alongside one of the best jams around raspberry and vanilla jam made by fellow artisan producer Hawkshead Relish and add this delicious conserve into the mix. As we develop our bread box range further, we’ll add other condiments to the list so that even more of our customers can enjoy the perfect flavour combination of bread from the Lovingly Artisan Bakery and preserves from Hawkshead Relish.’’

Maria Whitehead, co-owner of Hawkshead Relish, said: ‘’Lovingly Artisan approached us several months ago with the outline idea of creating a breakfast box centred around the natural combination of artisan crafted sourdough breads and small batch handcrafted preserves. We were only too pleased to have the opportunity to work with them to develop the idea with them, initially pairing their breads with our Raspberry and Vanilla Jam. Both award winning teams are now looking forward to seeing where this online collaboration takes us and hope to develop further bread and preserve combinations in the coming months.’’

To visit the Lovingly Artisan virtual bakery store and place your order visit:


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