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Maple from Canada and Cook School launch interactive cooking programme for school children

Maple from Canada and Cook School have formed a partnership to create an educational programme, dedicated to encouraging young children to get cooking.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The programme includes a series of fun, interactive workbooks and recipe videos for children aged three to eleven years old. The free-to-access workbooks and videos launch 19th January 2021 and will be available for both schools and parents to download from the Maple from Canada website, perfect for virtual teaching and home schooling.

The cooking workbooks have been created to encourage children from a young age to be curious about cooking, to help them to better understand their food and teach children new skills. With 61% of British adults not knowing where some of their food comes from in a recent poll, Maple from Canada are working with schools to help educate young people on the origins of food.

Maple from Canada and Cook School have produced a total of three workbooks, each targeted at different age groups with age-appropriate activities and skills to match the child’s abilities. The first workbook is for children aged three to five (early years), the second for five to seven-year olds (key stage 1), and the final book for ages seven to eleven (key stage 2).

Each workbook contains two recipes, a series of activities and a list of the key skills learnt from completing the book. A corresponding step-by-step recipe video, shot using school-aged children, will complement each workbook.

All workbooks and videos are suitable for online classroom teaching, giving teachers all the materials they need for a virtual cooking lesson, all children need to do is buy the ingredients. Children can also use the workbooks and videos at the weekends or as an after school activity with parents.

Mylène Denicolaï, Promotion and Market Development Director for Maple from Canada said: “We believe it’s important to inspire children from an early age to be curious about food, to help them to understand food and to teach them how to cook. Maple is the perfect ingredient to inspire cooking as it is versatile and works in so many different recipes, while being completely natural. We are excited to partner with Cook School for this programme and look forward to seeing it being used in schools to instil a joy for food and cooking.”

To access the Maple Education x Cook School digital workbooks and recipe videos visit:


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