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Meal Boxes and Kits You Need In Your Life

Ok, 2021 didn't start how we wanted. With the message plain and clear to stay at home, there has never been a better time to support the hospitality industry and also get a very full tummy. We round up our favourites out there.

Antona At Home

Following the lockdown success of Simpsons At Home, chef-restaurateur Andreas Antona launched Antona at Home this autumn and brought his highly popular meal kits nationwide.

The aim is to bring Michelin starred food to the home dining table as well as produce loved by Andreas and his chefs including MasterChef Professionals Winner Stu Deeley.

Pick and mix from a range of starters, mains, desserts including the famous Beef Wellington - a sure hit with bubble worthy guests.

Meals must be ordered before midday on Tuesday for Friday or Saturday delivery:

Lu Ban

Headed up by Executive Chef Dave Critchley, Lu Ban is one of Liverpool’s rising restaurants.Dave was recently honoured as the first-ever international Master chef apprentice in Chinese culinary arts, showing there is definite skill behind each dish delivered. Lu Ban have all avenues sorted including Lu Ban Cooks Boxes, a range of boxes carefully put together to help you prepare and serve an authentic Chinese meal.

They also provide a series of pre-selected Heat at Home dishes for your special night in. These handpicked dishes are fully prepared and delivered to you to heat and eat, for those of us who just can’t cope with the pressure. The team can also prepare a range of banquet boxes for special occasions or just a big feast.

Juici Jerk

There is no need to search high and low for amazing Jerk Chicken, now you can get it straight to your door.

London-based Caribbean kitchen and pop-up, Juici Jerk this year went nationwide, and how we are rejoicing. Juici Jerk has designed fun, simple and easy-to-follow home meal kits to enable anyone to recreate authentic Caribbean dishes from the comfort of their home. All ingredients in its kits are freshly prepared by Juici Jerk’s in-house kitchen team.

The meal kits will give households an authentic taste of the Caribbean, transporting their taste buds to the Islands, at great value for money. Each box has sustainable packaging with no single use plastic and comes with Juici Jerk’s ‘Island Vibes’ Spotify playlist. What more do you need.

Adam Handling

Credit: Tim Green

When a Chef and his team have sold over 4,000 dishes during 2020 you know you have backed a winning meal box.

Step forward HAME by Adam Handling. The boxes include signature dishes such as the legendary ‘Lobster Wagyu’ that previously were exclusively available only when eating in Frog by Adam Handling, providing a true taste of the restaurant from the comfort of your own home.

All packages come with Adam’s signature ‘Chicken Butter’ (or ‘Onion Butter’ in the vegetarian package), and starters spanning the breadth of guests’ favourite dishes, such as ‘Cheese Doughnuts’, ‘Mother’, and ‘Wagyu and Caviar tartare’. Main courses feature the likes of ‘Whole truffle-stuffed roast chicken, mash, Caesar salad’, ‘Mushroom agnolotti, parsley, garlic’, and Adam’s personal favourite, ‘Lobster Wagyu’. The à la carte menu continues, so you can make your own selection of dishes too.

Birtelli’s Pizza

Fancy pizza with a bit of a difference? Independent pizzeria Birtelli’s have created a gourmet make-your-own pizza kit which is available for delivery nationwide.

Even better, all the ingredients are sourced by Michelin Star Executive Chef Paul Foster from award-winning farms across the UK, and the kits are sent in recycled/recyclable and compostable boxes, delivered fresh to your door. The bases are available as Gluten Free.

The kits come are available in 2 pizzas, 3 pizzas for 4 pizzas if you are feeling extra hungry.


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