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Renowned French caviar house Petrossian to open UK lab

Petrossian has been a French institution for over a century and has been sourcing and maturing the world's finest caviar since they first brought this incredible delicacy to Paris in 1920. This year the family-run company is expanding its UK caviar operations and is currently building a new caviar lab on the outskirts of London in Chessington.

The UK subsidiary of the brand launched 7 years ago and has introduced Petrossian products to some of the country’s best restaurants & luxury hotels, going on to launch a UK online store for consumers in 2020 with guaranteed 24hr delivery.

Petrossian has recruited a new Caviarologist, who will take charge of the whole caviar production in the UK, from receipt of the raw ingredients to maturation control, preparation, conditioning, traceability, H&S and stock control, as well as acting as a technical expert and Petrossian ambassador with visiting chefs.

Once the new lab is operational, Petrossian will import the 1.8kg mother tins of caviar. The mother tins will be refrigerated in a maturing chamber, turned regularly, and tapped with a hammer to make sure no air bubbles can affect the caviar. Regular tasting ensures the balance of salt and caviar is correct. The process of maturing caviar can take anywhere from four to twelve months.

“This will allow us to tin on demand, in the sizes requested by chefs and clients,” comments Raphaelle, “We will import less often, in bigger volumes, saving a lot of time and paperwork. We will also be able to offer greater availability, with all species available in all sizes of tin. We can even selectively mature the caviar to the levels requested by chefs, to suit their requirements. Giving the chefs the opportunity to speak directly to the Caviarologist will help further develop the close, personalised relationships with chefs that we at Petrossian pride ourselves on.”

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