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Review: CHIMI

Editor Ellen Pope tries "possibly the most addictive thing from South America" CHIMI.

To be fair, that is quite a bold statement to make about a range of condiments, but it worked, they had me hooked. So I obviously had to try this range of addictive Chimichurri sauces.

I have in the past made a chimichurri at home, which involved adding way too much garlic and ruining my tastebuds with one mouthful. Fortunately, the team at CHIMI have their recipes crafted.

Created by husband and wife team Jacques and Karen, their joint love of a good Braai (BBQ), wine and being outdoors alongside their Colombian and South African heritage sent them on a 10-year love affair working on these very recipes. And I am glad they did.

The range includes three products, a mild, original, and hot, therefore covering all flavour bases from calm to mild sweats. It all depends on the level of jalapeno you can take. When it comes to chimichurri, I have always slathered mine on a rare steak - but these jars of wonder deserve so much more than just that (obviously try that, but try other things too).

I mixed mine with mayonnaise for a spicy mayo for chicken burgers, add a spoonful to veg and prawns, and whilst we still can get these next to you at the BBQ.

Each pot if packed full of fresh ingredients, that are flavourful but also good for you. We are talking nutritional powerhouse parsley with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron and potassium, shallots, garlic which is known to help kickstart your immune system, jalapeno peppers, chillies, white wine vinegar, oregano and oil. The pots are going down very quickly, and are a contender for stocking fillers for all my foodies friends this Christmas. I suggest you grab yourself a pot.


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