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Review: Cocktail Candies by Ask Mummy & Daddy

Erica Pilavaki tries 2020 adulting with cocktail candies from Ask Mummy & Daddy

The day has FINALLY come – It's happy hour all day, every day.

I was sent the Cocktail Candies gift box from Ask Mummy & Daddy who are a gourmet confectionery company based in South West London. Each box contains five bags of the cocktail favourite flavours: prosecco bears®, classic gin & tonic, tropical pina colada, refreshing mojito, and amaretto cherries.

As an equal-opportunity enthusiast of both drinking cocktails AND novelty sweeties, I was pretty excited to sample the series and I have to say I was mega impressed as I ripped open the bags and tried them one-by-one.

Texture-wise these gummies are perfect, nicely balanced between soft and chewy – soft enough not to give your jaw a proper workout but firm enough to get a satisfying chew. Each gummy was distinct in flavour and tasted exactly like a respectable cocktail, and although in reality there isn't any alcohol actually in them, the flavour still gives you the same refreshing kick. Plus, because they're non-boozy, you can totally munch on them on your lunch break.

Ask Mummy & Daddy Gummies

We all know adulting is pretty hard and 2020 has been even harder, being obligated to cast away things you enjoyed as a kid such as sweeties should not be banished. These sophisticated cocktails candies are just what we need in the world right now, perfect as a gift to someone special or a gift for yourself because let’s face it, we've all been put through our paces this year.

So at long last, the time has come where you can have your cocktail and eat it too.

The 55g bags retail at £3.49 and the gift box containing all five flavours cost £18.95 (plus £3.95 P&P in the UK)

To arrive in time for Christmas, orders should be made by 21st December

Ask Mummy & Daddy now sells at Selfridges ,, Fenwick stores, Prezzybox and The Conran Shop


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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