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Review: Fireheart Coffee

Chatting Food contributor Alyssa LeAnne gets her caffeine fix at home with Fireheart coffee beans.

There is nothing that sparks joy for me like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and finding a hole in the wall cafe filled with locals where the beans are roasted in house and the menu is simple.

When picking up my morning cup of caffeine at one of these small shops en route to the office became an obsolete task during the pandemic, I started to get serious about brewing coffee at home. I have sampled the endless bags of coffee beans that my local supermarket has to offer and while a few have done the trick, there hasn’t been any that have left me with the feeling that I had just made something special.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try Fireheart Coffee which is available online. The packaging made a positive initial impression. Not only are the brightly coloured bags with an artistic geometric pattern unmistakable, the bags also come with the practical function of a zip-loc style reseal. Although this shouldn’t be a deal breaker when deciding which bag of coffee beans to purchase, the inconvenience of cleaning up after a bag that has had its sticker come loose, leaving beans to polka-dot the kitchen floor is a hassle happily avoided if there is an option. The thoughtfulness put into the packaging is where Fireheart initially stole my heart.

I enjoy the process of grinding whole beans and making espressos or brewing coffee myself, but for anyone who prefers the tap-a-button-and-go method, Fireheart’s Nespresso compatible, compostable pods are also available. Fireheart offers coffee varieties seasonally and they currently have six different styles available. I tried their Columbian roast, The Shady Badger and The Palace Blend, a mix from Columbia and Ethiopia.

The Shady Badger (£11.95) produces its own lovely crema when brewed as an espresso and of the three tasting notes suggested by Fireheart: Neapolitan ice cream, custard, and biscotti, it has a very biscotti forward smell and initial taste which makes it quite special. It also has a rich earthy taste that made the coffee more bitter than is traditional. This makes it a good coffee to which to add milk alternatives that have their own natural sweetness and for anyone who doesn’t consume dairy. I liked it best with unsweetened coconut milk and because of the bitterness brought out by the espresso process, I would recommend using this roast and enjoying as regular coffee in the cafetière.

The Palace Blend (£8.95) tastes like the looming flavour in your mouth after you finish a square of 90% dark chocolate and smells like you’ve just opened a jar of dark sweet cherries making the suggested tasting notes spot on. It is lighter and sweeter than the Shady Badger and tasted best as an espresso with steamed cows milk. The uniqueness of The Palace Blend flavours make it not only a great morning cup, but also a great roast to serve after supper or with dessert.

These seasonal beans are roasted on demand in Fireheart’s London roastery so get them fast before they change!

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Chatting Food Contributor Alyssa LeAnne's motto is, "The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach" and she has fallen in love with cities, cuisines and people after tasting their food.

After over seven years in lifestyle PR, she landed in her true passion for food and beverage as a Food Stylist where she makes food and drinks look gorgeous for the camera and informative to consumers. She loves a restaurant tasting menu and is always up for creating one on her own by sharing with whoever she is dining out with. While at home, she is an avid dinner party host, experimental recipe developer and enjoys everything extra spicy!


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