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Review: Innerji, all-natural energy drink

Writer Rachael Mole takes a look at the latest all-natural energy drink Innerji.

Innerji, a new all-natural energy drink that boasts antioxidant properties. Alongside containing no caffeine, it is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, No Taurine, and no high fructose corn syrup, so when I read all of this on the can, It left me hoping that it tastes delicious because an all-natural, no-caffeine energy boost is the one thing I really struggle finding during those afternoon slumps.

With the unique properties of Jiaogulan (according to their Instagram, this is pronounced Je-ow-goo-lan) a Chinese herb also known as the immortality herb, each can is 70 calories. It tastes great to drink, and as it’s produced here in the UK it also feels great to drink- knowing you’re supporting independent and UK based businesses is always a great boost.

One word to describe this drink? Refreshing.

Lightly sparkling, the tropical lime flavour is zingy (though anything citrus and I’m obsessed) not too tart, but also not too sweet. Perfect for a pick me up, it feels light and refreshing while also giving you a kick of energy that isn’t going to come back to bite you in a few hours as a low energy crash.

As someone who suffers from chronic fatigue, I was equally excited to see what effect this drink had on my body and energy levels. Though three cans are definitely not enough to make an accurate scientific study, I loved the energy boost and the idea that I was consuming something that was a known antioxidant.

Why are antioxidants important? My biology & chemistry degree came in handy when I looked into why they are so great- antioxidants protect your cells against chemically reactive molecules that can cause damage to your body, and are known to play a role in heart disease and cancer. The Mayo Clinic highlights that consuming these through plant-based foods is the way to go!

Apart from an everyday pick-me-up, these are going to be great for those long road-trips now that UK stay-cations are catching on and taking out for that last picnic as we hold on to the sunshine just a little bit longer. The cans are sleek and easily transportable- I walked to the park with one in my bag and it got there and consumed with no faff.

How do you get your hands on one? You order from their website and can get them in a box of 6, all the way up to 60. With a 15% discount, if you order over £40 worth, it’s definitely worth buying in bulk. 6 cans are £13.99, working out at £2.33 each, which isn’t too bad considering your getting UK made, all-natural energy drink- plus, it’s what I would pay for a can from a supermarket shelf.

Would I have these again? Yes, absolutely. They are actually saved to my browser bookmark to pick up a few cans on my next payday!

Innerji is available from the Innerji Shop from £13.99 for 6 cans. INNERJI is soon to be available on Amazon and is now available in Tropical Lime flavour in 250ml cans from the following London-based places: The Hampstead Butcher, Anthony Delicatessen, Karma Bread, Brownie Box, Laurents Delicatessen, Pita, Black Truffle, ABASTO.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Rachael Mole

Rachael is a food lover, food eater, and in her spare time, a food writer. COO of the City Girl Network by day, Rachael loves exploring new cities and their food scenes while sharing where to go and what to eat with over 25 thousand City Girls. By night she talks about accessibility, chronic illness and food intolerance on her blog Sick In The City. 

Instagram: RachaelMole


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