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Review: Maidstone Distillery’s George Bishop London Dry Gin

This is an award-winning gin, described as ‘a modern interpretation of a celebrated classic.’ If that means it’s really good, then it certainly is that. Perfect for citrus fans, this gin is stunning- smooth with a little tang on the tongue.

Gin sometimes can be a bit too much, the more and more is added to the mix. So when I read that this had 15 different botanicals, I was sceptical that it would be as ‘perfectly balanced’ as it claimed. I am glad, however, that I was wrong!

I did as I was told, and partnered the gin with Fever Tree tonic, as the gin describes itself as having ‘warm Mediterranean orange combined with delicate spice’, I figured Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic would be a suitable choice.

A slice of Orange lightly squeezed over the contents of the glass before running it over the rim and dropping it in the mix, and a few cubes of ice and I was good to go. It didn’t last long. Whoops?

Though I was sent a small PR sample bottle, I did have a snoop through their website to have a look at the larger offerings- is it superficial to think that the look of a bottle is as much to think about when purchasing a new spirit? After all, it has to look good on the liquor shelf (or bar cart if you’re super fancy).

I’m happy to report that all their bottles would look very smart on display. The blue bottle of the George Bishop London Dry Gin is beautiful and it has a handmade/ homemade/ artisanal quality thanks to each bottle being finished off by hand, with a handwritten batch and bottle number.

Something else to note is the credentials of the Maidstone distillery itself- now more than ever buying from a local independent company is so important, but so is supporting those who have strong ethical commitments. Maidstone distillery run on 100% green energy, are completely plastic-free in their packaging, work with a UK conservation charity and forage wild botanicals for their gin- and even more excitingly have a bottle refill initiative coming soon which will “allow our customers to return their empty bottles to us for refilling at a reduced cost”- amazing.

Anyway, back to the gin. £39 will get you 70CL worth of the George Bishop London Dry Gin, with £15 and £5 getting you 20CL and 5CL respectively. It’s about time I ‘invested’ in a good gin, and their 70CL bottle of citrussy joy is joining the queue on my wishlist.

If you’re like me then the 5CL bottle would be excellent for trying it out to see if you like it before you buy the bigger bottle- or an excellent size for an online zoom gin tasting with friends.

The 20CL would make an excellent stocking stuffer for a loved one, and the 70CL one for that relative that always seems to have everything and needs nothing.

The Maidstone Distillery is part of Produced In Kent


Chatting Food Contributor: Rachael Mole

Rachael is a food lover, food eater, and in her spare time, a food writer. COO of the City Girl Network by day, Rachael loves exploring new cities and their food scenes while sharing where to go and what to eat with over 25 thousand City Girls. By night she talks about accessibility, chronic illness and food intolerance on her blog Sick In The City.

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