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Review: Natural Ketosis

With the Keto Diet looking to increase even more in popularity in 2021, writer (and Keto follower) Jessica Brownlie samples the delights from super convenient keto meal home delivery service Natural Ketosis. No need to go to the supermarket. But no expensive subscription service either.

I'm going to start by saying that before we even reach the actual food, everything about this delivery service has been thought of and prepared.

Upon opening the box, there is a complete Keto plan inside and included in the very helpful booklet is a wonderful guide sheet on how many carbs vegetables contain. This is rather useful if you would like to prepare one of the (rather delicious) meals with a side of vegetables and therefore can keep completely within your carbohydrate limits.

For those who use calorie counter apps to track your food, natural ketosis have thought of that too! I was pleasantly surprised to find the tasty meals on myfitnesspal and even more surprised to see how low the calorie count was!

With that being said, let's get on to the food. As natural ketosis is a meal service, the company plan all your meals from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between!

As a ketogenic diet follower, I often miss a light breakfast and find very little suitable substitutes for cereals. However natural ketosis has thought of this too and offer three kinds of granola, Seed and Nut, Seed and Berry and Seed and Chocolate. I added mine to a carb-free soya yoghurt with a little sweetener and some frozen blueberries, it was delicious and had such a satisfying crunch!

Each lunchtime I have enjoyed a beautifully balanced keto soup, perfect for getting me through cold winter days and long working hours. My favourites were the Tex Mex Soup and Broccoli & Blue Cheese soup, however, there are six different soup options to choose from, and they really do keep you full!

Should you desire something a little sweet, but without the added carbs, you'll be delighted to know that Natural Ketosis have a range of treats for those with a sweet tooth including butter cookies, brownies and even Fattbar's! These are divine treat bars made with healthy fats derived from nuts – I must say that the apple and cinnamon bar was my favourite, it tasted so fruity and satisfying.

The brownie was a close second and was unlike any other keto cake I have tried. It was moist, chewy and wonderfully chocolatey! Usually, keto sweets have a chemical taste due to the sweetener used. These are the first I have ever tried that doesn't contain leave an aftertaste on your palette, and I shall certainly be purchasing more!

Finally, let's talk about dinner! Natural Ketosis has a large selection of dinner options, however, I must give a special mention to the Vegan Keto option, yes, you read that correctly, vegan keto! This was a Jackfruit and butternut squash tagine, I paired with some zero carb 'rice' – absolutely marvellous! Filling, flavourful and low carb.

I must recommend Natural Ketosis for anyone following the ketogenic journey, delicious food and simple to prepare! I'll certainly be purchasing more!

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Chatting Food Contributor

Jessica Brownlie

Often found shoving food into her face. Whilst living out her childhood fantasy by eating all the Mickey-shaped treats in Disneyland, Jessica developed the idea of becoming a food blogger and thus Beauty and the Feast was born! Along with a keen interest in the unusual, whacky and weird Jessica also enjoys maintaining somewhat of a Ketogenic diet.


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