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Review: Simply Seedz Chrismas Hamper

Emma Dennehy reviews a Gluten-Free Hamper so good Goldilocks would be impressed.

I was so excited to receive this Simply Seedz gluten-free hamper, counting down the days until it arrived in the post full of the most generous goodies, I couldn't wait for breakfast!

Simply Seedz is a brand focused on 100% natural, delicious nutrition using top quality ingredients that are good for the gut and heart. Not only that, they are naturally low in sugar, free from dairy and gluten-free.

Naturally, I ripped open the box straight away to find a huge bag of apricot and cranberry porridge oats with loads of seeds and juicy fruit. A snack pot of Mediterranean herb baked pumpkin seeds, a gluten-free cranberry and apricot porridge pot, Vitabiotic Tea+ Energy in raspberry and pomegranate flavour and a super fancy bag of Curious Roo coffee beans. So, here's how the tasting went...

6.45 am, dreary eyed and wrapped up in the fluffiest of dressing gowns. I grabbed my favourite almond milk from the fridge and poured some into a pan to warm. Tearing off the lid of the apricot and cranberry porridge pot (great for convenience in the morning when time is of the essence) I waited impatiently to make porridge! I poured the heated milk over the oats, juicy fruit and seeds popped back on the lid and waited for the longest two minutes ever. Opening the lid, I gave the porridge a good stir and drizzled on a little of my favourite vanilla fruit syrup. The first mouthful...well, Goldilocks would be impressed! Creamy oats, jam-packed with juicy jewels of fruit and crunchy seeds for a little texture, the perfect start to the day.

When home from a long day at work I thought it the perfect time to try the Tea+ Energy from Vitabiotic. A green tea blended with vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and natural fruit flavours of raspberry and pomegranate designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Fourteen tea bags in the box intended to drink once a day to see an improvement in your energy. I'm on tea bag number two and already enjoying the delicate flavour and goodness factor this tea brings.

I'm yet to notice having more energy, but it's already a great habit to have started, to know I'm getting some goodness in every cup. If you love green tea and need a way to get more vitamins in you, then you'll love this. No question.

Next up, the Mediterranean herb baked pumpkin seeds. Delicately flavoured, crunchy and simply moreish. Perfect if you're peckish, to top salad, roast with vegetables and on the go. No more needs to be said.

Now the coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, just an eater in cake! But ground up those beans for the husband. Smooth, velvety full of hints of chocolate and caramel. A good everyday drinker. So I'd better get it in a cake soon so I can try it too!

And finally, the star of the show the 500g bag of gluten-free oats with cranberry, apricot and seeds. They are the creamiest oats I've ever had. Perfect for topping my favourite yoghurt, making overnight oats and my favourite flapjack cookies.

This hamper was simply delicious, and Goldilocks would agree that Simply Seedz porridge is just right. Now buy it for your favourite Coeliac for Christmas!!

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Chatting Food Contributor: Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy is a gluten-free writer and recipe creator. Emma is passionate about finding and promoting products to help Coeliac diets and that taste amazing. Emma is also the founder of Miss Rochie Makes, a textiles business creating original home-ware, gifts, cards and packaging.

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