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Review: The 411

The 411 (pronounced ‘the four-one-one’) is a new neighbourhood bar located in the heart of Angel, inspired by the creative energy of New York’s Soho district. The venue's design reflects the timeless cool of Manhattan lofts, featuring exposed brickwork, bare concrete and huge artworks with resident vinyl DJs spinning soul, funk, R&B, and jazz. With a capacity for 400 guests it’s a great place for groups, but there are also some cosy little tables for two, perfect for that date night.

The extensive house cocktail list features American bourbons and whiskies alongside classic cocktails, craft beers and thoughtfully chosen wines. We particularly liked the Paper Plane: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Aperol, Amaro del Capo, sugar and lemon, it's a delicious and elegant cocktail. We tried it several times to make absolutely sure - our devotion to duty knows no bounds.

The 411's menu draws inspiration from the best of NYC's casual restaurant scene. Think much-loved American classics such as sandwiches, with options of the Po’boy, Reuben, Philly Cheesesteak and Meatball Sub, plus pizzas, burgers, nachos and our stand out favourite bar snack - Frickles, or fried pickles, served with a buttermilk ranch dip. There's an all-American bottomless pizza & picantes deal on Saturdays - £40pp for 90 minutes - and if you happen to be in the house at 9pm on a Friday, they bring you a free slice of pizza.

The 411 is also running ‘Wall Street Wednesdays’, where the bar transforms into a bustling stock market for the evening. The drinks menu becomes ‘stock’ - as drinks become less popular, their price falls, but be quick - as people buy them, the stock (and the price) will go up again. Embrace your inner Wolf of Wall Street; it's great fun, and all about the timing.

The 411 is located at 409-411 St John Street; you can book your table here:

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