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Review: The Big London Bake East

I’ve just stepped onto the set of bake off…. That’s the first thought that entered my head as I walked into The Big London Bake East.

The excitement was palpable, eyeing up the competition whilst sipping on a ‘Summer Crumble’ - if you hadn’t guessed, the cocktail menu is inspired by cakes too.

The experience is an immersive 90 minutes baking competition, with everything provided from ingredients to apron.

Once gathered at your station the head baker explains how the 90 mins will run, then talks you through the recipe sheet and a few basic rules. We were tasked with creating an ombré layer cake with chocolate decal. The time starts and the mad rush to grab your flavours begins!

We opted for an autumnal cake with vanilla and cinnamon flavours, orange layers and green ombré icing - decorated with mini chocolate pumpkins, to create a pumpkin patch! It’s halfway to halloween after all.

With the head baker informing us of our time in 20 minute increments, the pressure was on! Luckily The Big London Bake East has everything fully prepared and pre-measured for you, so all you need to do is mix, bake and create! Perfect for baking novices like myself.

As the words ‘Bakers, step away from your cakes’ left our head baker's mouth, the air filled with excitement and nerves as we all knew our cakes were about to be judged and a winner announced! Considering my friend and I had never made a cake like this before, we were rather proud of our creation!

After every cake was thoroughly examined and judged the winners were announced! It was us! Our little pumpkin patch won! The perfect ombré inside and out with our chocolate decals managed to impress enough to win the golden cake server!

An incredible night to be had, I would highly recommend this for anyone, bake off fan or not.

Book yourself at The Big London Bake East here.

Bakers, your time starts now!

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Chatting Food Contributor: Jessica Brownlie

Often found shoving food into her face. Whilst living out her childhood fantasy by eating all the Mickey-shaped treats in Disneyland, Jessica developed the idea of becoming a food blogger and thus Beauty and the Feast was born! Along with a keen interest in the unusual, wacky and weird, Jessica also enjoys maintaining somewhat of a Ketogenic diet.


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