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Review: The Guy of Warwick Pub & Kitchen

It probably won’t have gone unnoticed to those familiar with Warwick’s former Gold Cup Inn and Jambavan Restaurant in West Street, that a new era has been heralded.

And with quite a fanfare too, thanks to the Guy of Warwick Society who officially relaunched the venue as its official namesake last week.

Attended by a modern-day version of the knight himself on horseback – and just a stone’s throw from the Castle – the latest chapter in this inn’s history could not have received a more fitting salute.

But, unlike ‘England’s forgotten hero’ the hostelry hopes to make a lasting impression among locals with its brand new menu - a fusion of both Indian and English styles – and all at the hands of the same talented chef who won a loyal following from his previous customers.

From locally sourced steaks and gourmet burgers to a good fish selection and authentic curries, it’s easy to find an excuse to return again – to enjoy a very different culinary experience each time.

On our visit we sampled both nationalities and, what is for me one of the truest tests of a kitchen’s credentials is how well a so-called ‘steakhouse’ can deliver a steak. Cooked exactly to order as medium rare, this 8oz fillet (served with a choice of sauces, chips and mixed leaf salad) was a delicious cut of meat which melted in the mouth – as did my starter of Calcutta Kathi Kebab. A generous amount of chicken wrapped in paratha bread made for a rather hefty starter, but nonetheless delicious.

While my dining companion stayed true to the Indian menu and The Goan-inspired spicy seafood dish, Goan King Prawn Balchao, had him sufficiently intrigued – it was polished off with gusto and given a huge thumbs up.

Other starters include Fillet Beef of Carpaccio, Onion Bhaji, Crayfish Tail Salad, Lamb Cutlets, Cox’s Avocado King Prawns and Lamb or Vegetable Somosa Chat.

Outside of the steaks and burgers, the Old Favourites Menu had some tempting offerings in the form of Grilled Spiced Monk Fish, Pan-Fried Sea Bass and Goan King Prawn Caldinho. The Tandoor & Curries catered for those of us who like our go-to’s (think Chicken or Lamb Tikka and Murgh Makhani) while also tempting us with the likes of Duck Jalfrezi, Pan Fried Salmon Tikka and Grilled Spice Monk Fish, to name a few.

‘Hot’ favourite of the day though was hubby’s Tiffin (a combination of chicken on the bone curry, lamb & pumpkin curry, mixed bean dhal & pilau rice). It added an element of adventure deconstructing the tower to reveal the hidden ingredients that go together to make up this piping hot and tasty dish. And the perfect option for those who just can’t decide!

Our fabulous foodie experience sadly ended with a bit of a stutter with the news that there was, as yet, no Dessert Menu! While hubby enjoyed a bowl of ice cream, I am not a fan, so thought I’d opt to finish off the evening with my favourite frothy coffee instead – only to be told they didn’t have a proper coffee machine yet either. I am assured, however, both desserts and ‘proper coffees’ are to feature soon and, to be fair to them, this was only the second day of the new menu.

Were it just promoting itself as an Indian restaurant, I don’t believe the ‘expectation’ for dessert would have been a given. But, if you’re offering an English element to the menu, it would follow that desserts are part of the package. I look forward to going back and sampling them soon.

By celebrating this well-known historic figure, The Guy of Warwick Pub & Kitchen and its new collaboration with the Guy of Warwick Society, seeks to immerse locals and visitors alike in the rich tapestry of Warwick’s past. And hopefully, once the menus are finalised and word gets around, it will become a firm part of the town’s future too.


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Amanda is a journalist of 30 years and now runs an award-winning PR agency based in Warwickshire. When she's not writing about her own clients she loves to help spotlight the great work of other pubs, restaurants and hotels around the country.


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