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Review: The Pugilist Rums

Warwickshire Gin Company, the local distillery renowned for its exceptional spirits, has stepped into the boxing ring three new rums.

Yep, you read that right, a gin company that produces craft rums too. Don't be put off by the misnomer of a company name though - these rums are delicious!

Image credit: Warwickshire Gin Company

Inspired by Leamington boxer, Randolph Turpin. The Pugilist Spice Blended Rum, The Pugilist - Sting Like A Bee - Honey Rum and Pugilist Ghost Edition White Rum pay homage to 'The Leamington Licker,' who etched his name in British boxing history with a sensational World Title win against Sugar Ray Robinson.

Their Pugilist Spiced Rum is great in harmony with both Coke and ginger ale, and is part of the lineup during the Company's very popular tasting experience. It's a great spiced rum, that's perfect with mixers, but not necessarily a sipping rum if you have a sweet tooth.

The Sting Like A Bee edition, a celebration of Turpin's Guyanan heritage, features the addition of orange peel and local honey sourced from Kazim's Bees and Honey in Warwick. For me, this is an ideal sipping rum for those who like a bit of sweetness. Ideal over ice, but still packing a punch with a 37% ABV.

The Pugilist Ghost Edition White Rum, a more purist option, is recommended for those who appreciate the unadulterated essence of rum. This was my least favourite as it's not something I'd usually drink unless it's in a mojito - and I'm sure it would make a great one.

In the ring of spirits, the Pugilist rums from Warwickshire Gin Company pack a punch, each with its distinctive character that pays tribute to the local hero, Randolph Turpin. Cheers to the craftsmanship and innovation that brings these special-edition rums to the forefront of the distillery's impressive lineup.

Want to give Warwickshire Gin Company's spirits a go? You can book your experience on this site here.


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