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Review: Tsaretta Spice, Twickenham

For decades, it has been the received wisdom on both sides of the Atlantic that London has some of the most striking efflorescence offerings from the Indian subcontinent. For that reason, Tsaretta Spice restaurant deserves your undivided attention.

The much-decorated Head Chef, Yousuf Mohammed, who cut his teeth in reputable Indian restaurants including Dishoom, Tamarind and Bombay Brasserie before launching Tsaretta Spice, is behind the tapas-style sharing menu. Growing up in Hyderabad, where his father taught him to cook, the menu is inspired by Yousuf’s childhood and later global travels.

From the region’s long and rich heritage traditions, Tsaretta Spice has extracted several dishes that seem more contemporary than you might expect, spilling us into a new perspective on an already familiar cuisine.

Holdovers include Punjabi fish fingers, some memorably numbing spicy squid pakora and my personal favourite - scallops, which are seared in miso, mirin and sloshed in garlic. And to top of it all, everything is exceptionally photogenic, not that I especially care about such things, but at least you can take a good-looking picture and show all your friends that you’re doing better than they are.

The signature dish of Tawa Machli – a pan-fried fillet of sea bass served on curry leaf infused with crushed potato, mango, and coconut sauce- is stomach-flutteringly delicious. The sauce is the perfect companion to the fish, especially in sticky hot summers, and it will temporarily convince you this is the only way we should be eating sea bass. The dal makhani also deserves mention in passing. Still fiery, vegetal, and rich as they come.

No matter what variation of dishes you order, because (and I don’t say this lightly) the entire menu is flawless, that gorgeous mango falooda has your name on it for dessert. Fresh mangoes, vermicelli and kulfi ice, is the perfect wind down to offset the spice.

This place is so exciting that you can feel confident ordering just about anything on the menu, knowing it will arrive beautifully presented and with undeniable “f*ck yeah″ energy. When friends and family come to London and spam your phone for Indian recommendations – this is where you need to tell them to come.

The SPICE CLUB is a regular member event currently held at the Tsaretta Spice Twickenham. It occurs every 4 to 6 weeks and offers customers a special Tsaretta Spice experience. To date, there have been themed menus from different regions of the Indian sub-continent, collaborations with celebrity chefs, a food and wine pairing and variations on food preparation styles, such as our Asian Fusion and Thali nights; as well as the launch of new menus and our wine or Tipsy lists. The next event is scheduled for Weds 20th July.

To become a member of SPICE CLUB, book into one of the regular events. Once you have attended, you will become part of the club and receive priority access to subsequent events and special member discounts.

Please email or call +44 (0) 208 892 1096 for details of the next SPICE CLUB event.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Growing up with the aroma of meat grilling over open coals, views of vine wrapped mountains and surrounded by the abundant seas of Cyprus, Erica has food and drink in her heart and soul. Contact Erica about London restaurant recommendations and the latest products in food and drink.

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