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Summer in the City - BBQ Time

Is there anything more traditionally British than a summertime barbecue with friends and family? Forget the burnt sausages and the bland burgers, here's how to BBQ in style this summer.

Masterbuilt Portable BBQ

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Masterbuilt, the leader in convenient charcoal grill innovation, has launched a truly portable grill that is not only super simple to use but also highly versatile, lightweight and sturdy.

Made for adventurers, this suitcase-sized grill comes with a collapsible cart which makes it genuinely portable. It has a surprisingly roomy cooking surface area of 1,260cm square - think easily 8 burgers - yet will sit happily on an apartment patio, in the smallest of gardens or the boot of a car.

It also has the classic Masterbuilt easy-to-fill charcoal hopper, which gives you the ease and control of a gas barbecue with the authentic flavour you get from cooking with charcoal. Simply light a fire lighter under your charcoal, then turn a dial to control a fan for a consistent temperature. Genius.

Price: RRP: £399.00

Available here.

Heck Limited Edition Sliders

Amuse your bouche with these perfectly proportioned sliders, perfect for creating mini gourmet burgers to serve as tasty treats, BBQ nibbles, kids' meals and footie half time snacks. Buy to eat now or pop a pack in the freezer for a sunny day. Each pack contains:

3 mini Pork & Apple Burgers

3 mini Steak & Butter Burgers

3 mini Chicken Italia Burgers

Price: £3.49 per 450g pack

Available exclusively from Aldi for one week only from 8th June

Chilli No.5 Gourmet Gift Sets

If you want to turn up at a BBQ with something a bit more 'Wow!" than a pasta salad and a pack of sausages, how about these spicy gift sets from Chilli No.5? These are my new favourite foodie gift; the flavours are amazing and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. In brief: they're HOT.

Price: BBQ Sauce Collection - £25. Passport Piccante, World Chilli Sauces - £35.

Available on Amazon, Not on the Highstreet and Fortum & Masons

The Roccbox

Too bougie to BBQ? Gozney's portable pro-grade pizza oven has a 19mm thick stone floor, rolling flame and super-efficient insulation; this means the Roccbox reaches temperatures of up to 500C and stays there, so you can cook restaurant-worthy pizzas for the whole crew. Check out that leopard spotting; BOOM!

Price: Grey or olive colour - £399. Tom Gozney Signature Edition - £499

Available here.

Wilderbee Hot Honey – Scotch Bonnet Infused

Whole Food Market's BBQ range includes some really innovative (and sustainable) spice rubs and sauces, including this original, organic wildflower honey, infused with a fruity, fiery blend of scotch bonnet chillies. We love its versatility; it can add sweetness to fried chicken or spice to cocktails or ice cream - it's such an interesting flavour profile.

Price: RRP £8.99

Available here.

Holy Moly Dips

Known for responsibly sourcing the finest ingredients and using simple kitchen recipes, Holy Moly's vibrant guacamole, salsa, aioli and new hummus combine the convenience of shop-bought with the deliciousness of homemade dips. Uniquely, the range is also made using cold pressure technology, so your unopened dips will last longer in the fridge - up to 3 times as long as shop-bought - just in case rain stops play.

Price: from £2.50 for 150g

Available from selected supermarkets

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Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

Amanda David is a freelance food writer specialising in London’s restaurants, bars, exhibitions and events. She is the Events Editor for London Cheapo and a regular contributor to Palate Magazine.

Follow Amanda at:

Instagram: @LondonGAT


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