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The Best Dairy Free Eggs

Whether you're dairy-free or vegan, you don't need to miss out on the fun this Easter with our roundup of dairy-free easter eggs you need to try.

NOMO Cookie Dough Bunny

Brand new for 2022, this Cookie Dough Bunny is one of the highlights of NOMO’s

new Easter lineup and perfect if you don't want a whole easter egg. At under £1, this cute bunny chocolate is made with NOMO’s famous creamy vegan chocolate and filled with crunchy cookie dough.

NOMO's cookie dough bunny is available from Asda, Holland &

Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons with an RRP of 80p.


NOMO Cookie Dough Crunch Egg

If you're craving cookie dough but want a full-sized egg, NOMO’s brand-new Cookie Dough Crunch is now available in easter egg size too. The egg, which includes a full easter egg with a cookie dough shell and an accompanying cookie dough bunny, joins NOMO's other popular vegan eggs-such as Creamy Choc and Fruit and Crunch. As well as being dairy-free, they're gluten-free and nut-free too.

The Cookie Dough Crunch Egg is available from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with an RRP of £6.


ASDA Free From Choc Honeycomb Egg

Made with 98% less plastic and both gluten and dairy-free, this free from easter egg combines sweet dairy-free chocolate with addictively crunchy honeycomb pieces. Asda has an extensive range of easter eggs in their free-from range this year; including marble choc and their extra special dark chocolate egg with vanilla-flavored truffles.

ASDA Free From Honeycomb Egg: £3.75, Asda


Salted caramel chocolate eggs, Prodigy.

The closest we'll get to a cream egg being dairy-free-these eggs are super gooey and layered with velvety caramel. The result is a super-indulgent treat that is less than half the sugar of a typical filled egg whilst also having additional health benefits such as being free from refined sugar and high in fibre. They're also plastic-free!

Salted caramel chocolate eggs: £7.50 (for 6) available at Prodigy Snacks.


HAPPI Easter Egg

Oat milk lovers will love Happi's range of (gluten-free) oat milk-based easter eggs- which are also great for the environment thanks to being fully sustainable and ethically sourced. The eggs contain 35% less sugar and come in four smooth, creamy flavours: Salted Caramel, Plain Mi!k, Orange, and White Raspberry.

HAPPi's range of easter eggs are £11.99 and can be purchased from


Chocolate Easter Shapes

Health-conscious foodies will love these chocolate easter shapes-which use just a handful of high-quality ingredients: organic cacao butter, criollo cacao powder, and organic maple syrup. Delicious easter treats with tons of health benefits.

Chocolate easter treats: £5, Meera's Made from Scratch.


Original Mofreesas Egg

Moo's dairy-free chocolate has been around for ages but each year they expand their range of dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free chocolate. This year our fave is their Moofreesas egg-which now comes with a bag of choccy chompers (an amazing alternative to Maltesers!) and their usual 'I can't believe this is vegan' chocolate. Also new to the range is their Moo Free's Easter Egg Hunt Kit, which is perfect for keeping little ones busy.

Moofreesas Organic Easter Egg RRP £5.99 (available from and a selection of wholesalers)


Rabbit ToyChoc box.

For something a bit more special, we love Rabbit ToyChoc boxes from PLAYin CHOC, which are not only vegan and dairy-free but free from all fourteen allergens. Plastic-free and organic, each box comes with their signature smooth chocolate (which is also sustainably and ethically sourced) and a fun cardboard toy for kids (or big kids!) to construct and play with after they've eaten the chocolate.

ToyChoc box £15 (for 6) from

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