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The Best Free-From Foods to try this March

From new launches to tasty treats, Jenna Farmer shares the best free-from foods that should be on your radar in March.

Fairfield Farms Vegan Crisps Range

Up your snacking game with this range of allergen-free crisps from Fairfield fam, which as being gluten-free are also now vegan-friendly too (and yes that includes the delicious cheese and onion-which blew our minds and 'meaty' roast rib of beef).


All of the farm’s crisp range are hand-cooked in batches with seasonings created from natural flavouring and is completely vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free, with flavours such as classic ready-salted and more adventurous bacon and tomato.


Fairfield farm crisps are available at: or at Vegan Kind.

Granola Butter Co Spreadable Butter

Move over peanut butter and introducing granola butter. Granola butter is exactly what the name suggests, a smooth spread combining the crunch of granola with the sweetness of coconut nectar and cinnamon. It's gluten-free, nut-free (making a great nut butter swap for those who can't eat nuts) , vegan, palm oil-free and packed full of fibre. One spread and you'll be hooked.

Granola butter is available from and Holland and Barret's stores.

Freja Bone Broth

Bone broth is known for its gut-health and skin benefits, being packed with proteins and collagen. Freja is an award-winning 100% natural bone broth brand that makes all their broth in small batches, sustainably sourced. Use as soup stock, add to cooking or just drink the warm broth from a mug, there's even vegan bone broth which means those who are meat-free can still enjoy the health benefits of bone broth.

Freja bone broth are avaliable to buy from,, or from Ocado.


One thing that is still quite limited in the free-from world in cereal, but thanks to Surreal that's no longer a problem. This plant-based, gluten-free and 0g sugar cereal (yes, seriously, we checked the packaging twice as it tastes so good) has just hit Sainsbury's and new flavours come out each month. Feb's was chocolate hazelnut and it hits the sweet spot perfectly. It's packed with protein too!

Surreal is available and in Sainsbury's stores.

Crave's Birthday Biscos.

We're already big fans of Crave (gluten-free monster munch? They're genius!) but these new birthday bisco's just give us another reason to love them. Free gluten and milk, these sandwich biscuits are crammed with sweet vegan cream and sprinkles. Perfect for with a mid-morning cuppa or an afternoon treat.

Crave Bisco's can be purchased via or at Sainsburys.

Oato's new strawberry m*lkshake

Remember when everyone used to get milk delivered to your door? Oato's new glass bottle strawberry m*lkshake has got us feeling nostalgic (and addicted to their newest offering). The strawberry m*lkshake uses oats (note: this isn't gluten-free) rather than milk and tastes super creamy and fruity. It's enriched with key vitamins like D3 and B12 and you can even reuse the glass bottle afterwards.

Oato's new strawberry m*lkshake can be ordered via:

Quenched's new lime and soda

The perfect refreshing drink, Quenched, who makes 100% natural sodas, has launched one of the UK’s first Lime + Soda in a can. The 100% natural, low-calorie drinks can be enjoyed on the go or as a mixer and joins the rest of the range, which also includes a Blackcurrant + Soda and Orange + Soda. Super refreshing, the drink is low sugar AND a great taste award winner.

Quenched sodas can be ordered from:

Nairn's gluten-free cheese bakes.

Gluten-free classic brand Nairns have just launched their latest offering, their Moorish mini cheese bakes. Combining real cheese with crunchy gluten-free oats, these are perfect for snacking and little one's lunch boxes.

Available at Sainsbury's.

Stocked Foods make free-from cooking a breeze.

You might have spotted these on Dragons Den last month, and the concept is nothing short of genius! Frozen blocks of healthy, natural dishes that can microwaved in a minute and added to a carb of your choice. Because of the emphasis on natural ingredients, much of the range doesn't contain allergens ingredients (they have this allergen guide here: if you want to check at last count the chicken tinga, jerk chicken and peri chicken are free from the main 14 allergens, with only 3 of the dishes containing gluten). They also have a kid-friendly range which is all allergen-free and perfect for quick family dinners. A brilliant concept which makes healthy meal times so much easier.

Stocked are available from,

Strong Root's ready meals are perfect for vegans.

Strong roots is the best for sustainable plant-based frozen food (not tried their gluten-free, vegan sweet potato fries yet? You should, they're addictive!)  They've now launched their  Good Made Easy Meals.  They are all super tasty, low in calories and packed full of veggies, with high protein and fibre options-sadly some of these do contain gluten, but they're great choices if you're vegan or dairy-free. Choices include creamy mac or white bean and lentil tomato stew.

Strong roots Good Made Easy Meals are available at and Ocado.


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