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The New AromaFresh II Therm Pro from Melitta

Melitta has introduced the new AromaFresh II Therm Pro – the perfect bean-to-cup indulgence for coffee fanatics everywhere. We gave it a test drive in the Demonstration Kitchen at Harrods.


Melitta’s high-convenience filter coffee machine combines quiet elegance with innovative compact product design. The new machine's key features include an easy to clean, durable (and surprisingly quiet) ceramic grinder with 11 grind settings; usefully, this can be switched off to use with ready-ground coffee. There is also fully adjustable control of coffee strength so you can precisely tailor your perfect brew.

The timer / programme feature allows you to enjoy coffee at a pre-set time, ideal for preparing barista-level coffee in the comfort of your own home; it also has a TFT Display which can be set to a specific language. The stylish double-walled stainless steel insulated jug keeps your coffee warm for when you need it.


Cleaning and care are also happily simple. A clever drip stop prevents the coffee from dripping onto the hot plate whilst the 3-in-1 Calc-protection has a programmable water hardness calcification indicator and a practical descaling programme; the water tank is also removable for easy filling and cleaning.


The Melitta® AromaFresh II Therm Pro is available via – RRP: £289.95

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