The Top 10 Dairy Free Easter Chocolatey Treats

For a lot of us, Easter means one thing: Chocolate. But for those of us who can’t – or don’t – eat dairy for whatever reason, finding a delicious chocolate treat to enjoy at this time of year can be a challenge. Things have come a long way in the last decade since I stopped having dairy, and the taste, texture and selection is really impressive this year.

To help you find your perfect Easter indulgence, writer Chloe Walden lists her top treats that can be enjoyed by all:

The Re-Fillable One

As a kid (and let's be honest, still now) my mum would fill up this beautiful, card easter egg with a lovely bunny design on it for me with my favourite chocolatey treats. After over 20 years, it’s starting to show the signs of decades of love, but it wouldn’t be Easter without it.

So, I was thrilled to hear that Swedish company Gåva (which means gift in Swedish) has brought its beautiful and reusable Easter Äggs to the UK – thoughtful and sustainable. And theirs are available in so many beautiful designs, from durable card Beatrix Potter illustrations to more contemporary and stylish durable tin ones.

Available in various sizes and designs (including a DIY Ägg that you decorate yourself), they can hold anything from the yummy vegan pick-and-mix if you want to send directly to someone who you might not be able to see this Easter, through to thoughtful surprises, experience vouchers to jewellery or toys.

From £7.50.

Available direct from

For the Kids: PLAYinChoc

The PLAYinChoc bunnies are dairy and allergen-free – including nut, gluten, soy – as well as being plastic-free. Made with the finest fairly traded single-origin Peruvian cacao beans before being mixed with organic Madagascan bourbon vanilla and organic creamed coconut, resulting in a smooth, creamy and genuinely tasty chocolate.

The PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes contain two individually wrapped, organic dairy-free chocolates and a delightful cardboard toy to assemble. The toy is one of a series of 6 to collect and also comes with its own fun fact card. If it’s an Easter ‘Egg’ Hunt your planning, get the box of six and hide them around the garden.

£2.50 for one, or £15.00 for six.

Available from

A Dairy Free Take on the Classic

If you’re looking for a take on the classics, look no further than Mummy Meagz The range includes Vegan Creme Egg – which has reignited my childhood love, Orange Choccie Egg, a Smoove Moove (plain) egg, and a Sunnycomb Bar which, in my opinion, tastes better than a crunchie as it is less clawingly sweet.

Each product in the range bears the Vegan Society logo, so both chocolate lovers and those gifting to others this Easter can be reassured that the products are made without animal products. The Smoove Moove Easter Egg is perfect for the classic egg lover - a luxuriously silky blend of mylk chocolate and deliciously dark chocolate with a shell that has a satisfying crack.

Varying RRPs from £1.49.

Available from and Holland & Barrett.

The Celebration Cake

Let's be honest, you can never go wrong with cake. And Easter calls for a special Chocolate Celebration Cake from Oggs which is not only dairy free but completely vegan too.

I’m always a little sceptical about vegan cakes as I’ve often found them lacking, but this cake didn’t fail to impress. A deliciously light chocolate sponge is filled and topped with chocolate fudge frosting and finished