The Top Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Drinks for Christmas

Whether you are looking for a no alcohol or low alcohol beer, cider or mock spirit, we have scoured the UK to find our favourites including tropical zingers, craft beers, and independent botanical spirits. So if you are looking for something healthier for 2020, then try one of our favourites.


Caleno Drinks - Non - Alcoholic

Fancy a tropical zinger without the headache? Well, it is about time you grabbed a bottle of Caleno. Founded by Ellie Webb, whos mother is Colombian, it tastes predominately of the tangy and sweet South American Inca Berry, balanced with Pineapple, Papaya, Lemon Peel, Coriander Seeds, Lemongrass, Juniper Berry, Green Cardamon and Peppercorn. Take yourself back to summer, you deserve it.

Caleño is sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free and made with no artificial flavours.

Price: From £18

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Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adrift Alcohol Free Spirit

The Cornish coastline is creating something wonderful. Pentire Spirits have created a botanical non-alcoholic spirit made from unique plants native to the North Cornwall coastline.

On the palate, it is most definitely herbaceous. Full of Key Botanicals including Rock Samphire, Sage, Pentire Plant Blend, Citrus, and Cornish Sea Salt - it will take you to windswept Cornish coastline without stepping foot outdoors.

Price: From £26.80

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Big Drop 'Fieldhopper' Golden Ale

Big Drop Fieldhopper

Earlier this year Alcohol-free brewer, Big Drop added 'Fieldhopper’ Golden Ale to its range of award-winning 0.5% ABV craft beers:

Fieldhopper is a lightly carbonated golden ale and Vegan-friendly, so can be enjoyed by a wide audience of craft beer fans. And, at just 41 calories per bottle, will appeal to the more health-conscious drinker. As the first single-hop style from Big Drop, it uses the quintessential English hop variety - East Kent Goldings - and its earthy, honey flavours with the aroma of orange blossom and grapefruit, and is the perfect entry to alcohol-free craft ale.

Price: £22 for a case of 12 x 330ml bottles.

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Unltd Beer

Could alcohol-free lager help you have a healthier future? Well, maybe. Coming in at a staggeringly low-calorie count of 23 calories per 330ml bottle, UNLTD. is a beer you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking. This low-alcohol thirst-quencher at 0.5% ABV, is low in carbohydrates, vegan-friendly and contains added B12 vitamins that helps support red blood cell formation, a healthy nervous system, cardiovascular health and helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

UNLTD.’s Alcohol-Free Lager is filled with light citrus aromas, a hint of honey and caramel, rounded off with a subtly bitter finish. Now there’s finally a great tasting option that allows beer lovers the chance to have the familiarity of craft beer, without the associated negative side-effects.

Price: 12 x 330ml bottles at £24.99

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New London Light

NLL New London Light Spirit

Inspired by the quality benchmark set by the historic ‘London Dry’ gin, New London Light has been developed by Master Distiller, Jason Nickels, at multi-award winning Salcombe Distilling Co. to deliver a best in class non-alcoholic spirit without compromising on flavour. The liquid has been created specifically by spirits experts for health-conscious drinkers who don’t want to miss out on the flavour of world-class spirits.

A blend of bright orange citrus, aromatic cardamom and herbaceous rosemary and sage on the nose. Followed by an aromatic and warming balance of juniper, ginger and habanero capsicum on the palate with fragrant bitterness from sage and cascarilla bark. The finish is long and smooth with sweet orange and star anise, lengthened with floral coriander and lemongrass.

Price: £27.50

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Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint No Alcohol Beer