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Jump Into Veganuary with the Ultimate Sheeseboard

Whether you've decided to embrace a totally vegan diet for January – or you're trying to cut down on dairy – you might be thinking about all the non-vegan treats you'll be missing out on. Whichever Tier you are in, the ultimate vegan cheeseboard will get you through.

Worry no more… if saying goodbye to cheese has been the hardest thing on your dairy-free journey, then you will LOVE the 100% vegan, award-winning range from Sheese, made with pride from the Isle Of Bute.

Dairy-free cheeses have come a very long way in the last few years and even non-vegans are touting their deliciousness. Certified vegan, the Sheese range is healthy and delicious, perfect for any plant-based diet or for those with special dietary restrictions.

Made with coconut oil, it is dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO and contains 30% less fat than traditional cheese, plus it has a much better texture than other vegan cheeses. And is the only vegan cheese to melt when hot, crumble like cheese should and taste just as good when cold on your festive cheeseboard.

Sheese’s production process is also completely animal-free in its dedicated Free From factory on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, where everything is done to the highest ethical standards.

So grab some interesting chutneys and pickles, your vegan biscuits, a bunch of grapes and some dried fruit and nuts and create the ultimate vegan Sheeseboard.

Our favourites for your vegan ‘Sheeseboard’ are:

  • Cheddar style with Caramelised Onion – a distinctive authentic ‘cheesy’ flavour, coupled with the savoury yet naturally sweet and tangy caramelised oniony taste (Available from Holland & Barrett. 200g, £2.75)

  • Smoked German Style – a rich, creamy tasting Sheese with a wonderful flavour that comes from being naturally smoked with hickory and oak, (Available from Waitrose. 200g, £2.55)

  • Red Leicester Style – a mellow subtle flavour, easy to slice, with a nice creamy texture (Available from Holland & Barrett. 200g, £2.75)

  • Mature Cheddar Style – a melt-in-your-mouth 100% soya and dairy-free cheese alternative made with coconut oil. In fact its melting abilities make it a truly versatile Sheese for a variety of dishes (Available from good health food stores & 200g, £2.30)

  • Wensleydale style with cranberries - a delicious Sheese that’s tasty, fruity and a wonderful dairy free alternative to cheese – a firm festive favourite (Available from good health food stores & 200g, £2.39)

  • Cheddar style with Jalapeno & Chilli - if you a fancy a vegan cheese with plenty of tang and a little bite to match, then you’ll simply love this dairy-free Cheddar style with Jalapeno and Chilli! It’s perfect for any cheeseboard. (Available from Sainsbury’s. 200g, £2.50)

  • Garlic & Herb creamy Sheese - award-winning Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese made with coconut oil is a joyous combination of garlic and herbs, a dairy-free alternative to cream cheese that brings to mind some well-known spreadable French cheeses. (Available from Ocado, 170g, £2.09).

Other Sheeses in the range suitable for a festive cheeseboard include: Mild Cheddar Style, Edam Style, Gouda Style, Cheddar Style with Garlic & Chives, Blue English Style. For more details plus some inspirational vegan recipes go to:


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