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We Love: PACK'D Superfood Smoothies

PACK'D , a range of fabulous Superfood Smoothie Kits and organic Frozen Fruit is the perfect addition to every shopping list as we head into the Autumn months and Back to School season.

Their six ready to blend Superfood Smoothies (Energy; Power; Vitality; Nourish; Replenish; Boost) have been carefully created by nutritionists to cater for a variety of needs. Among them:

Nourish is a delicious smoothie blend of frozen fruit, vegetables, prebiotic fibre and specially selected superfoods designed to aid positive gut health - Rich in Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese.

Energy has been created to deliver a natural energy boost. Packed with Vitamin C and containing naturally sourced caffeine it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. It is also a great source of Manganese which supports normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Replenish is a Multi Vit smoothie kit designed to support overall wellbeing for body and mind. A rich source of Vitamins A, C, B12 and high in Manganese and folate it helps protect cells from oxidative stress, supports the immune system, helps maintain healthy skin and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Each kit comes with a perfectly portioned mix of prepared fruit and veg and unlike other ready-to-blend smoothie kits, every PACK'D Smoothie comes with its own unique Superfood sachet, carefully designed by PACK’D nutritionists to supercharge every recipe and deliver its own unique benefit. So, in addition to tasting amazing, they are the optimum way to nourish and energise every day.

The Organic Frozen Fruit range is the ultimate convenience providing the same nutrition as fresh fruit, without any of the waste. A staggering 50% of fresh fruit and veg ends up being thrown away, making farm to freezer the only zero waste option. We only select the best ‘A Grade’ varieties all hand-picked, packed and frozen at source. No fuss. No mess. No waste.

The range includes Organic Blueberries; Organic Peaches; Organic Strawberries; Organic Cherries; Organic Mangoes; Organic Raspberries; Banana; Avocado; Sukkari Dates; and the Organic Summer Berry Blend. Perfect for blending, baking, breakfast or more…

The full range is available direct from the website ( or from the following retailers:

· Smoothies: Ocado (4 pack), Costco (14 pack), Wholefoods, Wholesale/independents, Food Service, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Marketplace (bundles) – launching soon!

· Organic Fruit: Ocado, Wholesale/independents, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Marketplace (bundles) – launching soon!

· Avocado: Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Amazon Fresh

· Summer Berries: Ocado, Costco, Amazon Fresh

· Banana: Ocado, Amazon Fresh

Smoothie kits start at £1.85 from the website; fruit starts at £2.25 for a 300g pouch.


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