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What’s Brewing in Coffee this Autumn

One of life’s simple pleasures has to be a warming drink as the weather starts to turn and the leaves fall to the ground. Walking around with a delicious cup of coffee and enjoying the crisper air is simply good for the soul for anyone.

Here are a few of the latest trends to get stuck into this autumn:

Japanese Coffee Culture Hits the UK

Bear with us. As the rise for at-home coffee making has continued to boom long after those pandemic coffee machine purchases, curious at-home baristas have branched out from typical coffee areas to look for new, country-inspired brews. Enter Ueshima Coffee Company, now the fastest growing coffee brand in the UK. Japanese coffee culture is all about taking a moment and really savouring the joy of a cup of coffee. With three delicious blends, all bold in flavour, try this trend for yourself and pick up coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee bags or Nespresso-compatible aluminium capsules at your local Sainsburys, Waitrose or Ocado.

Beauty Lies in the Beans

Throughout the year, coffee has tipped over into the realm of beauty. We’ve seen trends like latte nails grow in popularity; namely light tan or bronzed manicures inspired by one of our favourite coffee drinks in the UK. Espresso make-up has also been taking over the grid, with bold, brown colours and bronzers coming back onto the scene. Whatever next? Americano hair? Whilst you can’t imbibe this coffee trend, we’re loving the latte-inspired looks.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Become an Open Guilty Pleasure

If you’ve been paying attention on TikTok, the once considered slightly “uncool” pumpkin spice lattes have now been celebrated as hailing the coming of autumn and sweater season. It’s the guilty pleasure we all love to hate at this time of year. Califia Farms has recently launched a pumpkin spice oat drink that's quick and easy to add to your coffee for an at-home PSL experience. There are also now multiple pumpkin spice coffee syrups on the market to get involved in this autumnal moment. Whether you admit it or not, the PSL popularity grows ever stronger. Resistance is futile.

Colour My Coffee

Over the summer it was hard to avoid Barbie-mania, and even coffee fell into this all absorbing pink universe. Caravan Coffee led the charge in London, serving up pink lattes across the capital. Still firmly on Grind’s menu are matcha lattes, beetroot lattes and even butterfly pea lattes if you want to explore all the colour hues when it comes to your coffee break. Aesthetically pleasing and a revival of the rainbow lattes trend from a few years back, we’re here for the déjà vu moment.

Brewing for the Planet

Coffee remains an industry that’s not untouched by sustainability concerns, and brands and companies alike are taking it upon themselves to make it easier for consumers to ensure their brew is (relatively) guilt-free. Chipp Coffee Co. in Leeds has just revealed its plans for home-compostable coffee pods, following in the footsteps of Grind who launched the first certified home-compostable pods in the UK. Nespresso is also on a mission to help coffee lovers recycle their pods, and has launched a new scheme with Royal Mail to make it even easier to put pods back into the circular economy. Now all you need to do is schedule a collection, fill your capsule bag and leave in a place for Royal Mail to collect. That's slacktivism at its best.

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Chatting Food contributor: Lucie Rhoades is a freelance food & drink copywriter, with a passion for cocktails. Find her @ScenicSipping.


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