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Whisp Hard Seltzer Launches In UK

Just launched, Whisp is a brand new, refreshing, low calorie, lightly alcoholic sparkling water – the perfect accomplice to a healthier lifestyle and a vibrant social life - up for the hangout, not the hangover!

Created for mindful consumers that care about health, alcohol consumption and the environment, Whisp is plastic-free, plant-based and climate positive. We’re also proud to be one of only 19% of startups founded by women.

Created by Harriet Cuming, a personal trainer and life of the party in search of balance, Whisp is a refreshing choice when you want to drink less, but drink better, perfect for when you want to relax with a drink at night, but still be up for a run in the morning or for that day time refresher without the guilt.

Whisp is currently available in two tempting flavours that reflect our naturally sourced, British ingredients: Cucumber & Mint and Raspberry & Elderflower. Each can contains less than 66 calories, with no sugar, sweeteners or nasty additives. We even add milk thistle, our detox hero, to tackle inflammation and help support a healthy liver.

Whisp are proud to partner with The Drinks Trust, supporting their incredible work providing care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce. It is a cause particularly close to Harriet’s heart, having worked in the hospitality industry for over 7 years, and witnessed their work first hand. The hospitality and drinks industry employs 1.2 million people in the UK and is one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic. The Drinks Trust supports the emerging and long-term effects of the current situation, focusing on mental health and assisting people to live a constructive and healthy life in these times of uncertainty.

Available from

Price: £10 for 4 cans


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