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TURN UP THE HEAT! 3 Hot Sauces To Put In Your Bag This Summer

Oh yeah. There is nothing better than a little bit of spice in summer, and these hot sauces do not disappoint. Grab them now, and add flavour at every mouthful.

Chilli No5 - Gourmet Tasting Kits

We know it always about flavour, but we would be telling a small fib if we didn't like something that also looked very, very sexy. Enter left, Chilli No 5.

Not only are their range of sauces tasty AF, but quite honestly, they also look very good. Bottles? Pah. Test tubes. YES. These ranges arrived in their own dedicated glass test tubes with lids in a luxury black box. Yes, we thought the same as you - PERFECT PRESENTS. But no, don't just buy for others - BUY FOR YOU!

The range includes the BBQ and Kitchen Collection, each containing 5 sauces, a Celebration Collection that highlights their luxury sauces, and The Dining Collection, which includes a whopping 10 sauces. Sauces include Jamaican Jerk, Heavenly Harissa, and Sriracha Cha Cha Cha.

Price: From £20

Orriss & Son

Lovingly created by David Underwood – chilli enthusiast, globetrotting chef and former co-owner of Steak & Honour in Cambridge this trio of sauces bring to life his passion for well-rounded, balanced flavours to enrich any cooking and eating occasion. Produced in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and recipe integrity, NEW Orriss & Son is a deliciously punchy, specialist collection of fermented chilli sauces, that are vegan and gluten free.

All in all, these three carefully crafted chilli condiments combine authenticity and deliciousness with ultimate convenience and health benefits. Choose from:

‘Even Flow’ - the one that started it all. Orriss & Son’s original recipe hot sauce, based on fiery and fruity habaneros plus red and smoked chillies, tomato and apple juices to deliver that defined ‘hit’. The hottest of the range and seriously addictive…

‘My Wave’ takes inspiration from the heat of the classic and now familiar piri-piri seasoning. Fresh and dried chillies are combined with red peppers, tomatoes and cider vinegar along with the traditional lemon, bay and garlic, to bring a fresh piquancy and balanced salinity to a host of dishes. You always need more piri-piri!

‘Fresh Tendrils’ is based on the subtle heat of fresh green jalapeños, balanced with green peppers, apple juice, earthy nettle and mint to impart a vibrant acidity in a tasty green sauce. We think of it as a gentle heat… transforming into a big tang!

NEW Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces retail at £7.25 for a generous 200ml glass bottle and are available online from or directly from the Orriss & Son website

The Woolf's Kitchen

Everyone has a staple hot sauce. The one that is repeatedly purchased and never far from your hand. Well, your new staple hot sauce has arrived in the shape of The Woolf's Kitchen.

If you are looking for a sauce to add to mayo for a cheeky chicken burger, a dipping sauce for fish and veg, or just a flavour hit to add to any meal, then we recommend the Hot & Sour sauce. Fiery enough to know it is there, not too fiery that it alienates your "lemon and herb" friends. It is perfect.

Created by Dominique Woolf, her range of sauces also include sweet & tangy Tamarind Ketchup based on her Thai Aunt’s recipe and Jalapeño + Lime

a spicy, zingy sauce packed full of flavour and a taco.

Buy all three for The Woolf's Kitchen's Online Store priced at £13.49. or via Amazon Prime


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