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5 Rums To Grab This July

High summer is here and if you feel like getting a little tropical in your garden this July, we say do it with some brand spanking new rums!

1. Old J Pineapple

Admiral’s Old J Pineapple launches this month – the seventh in the collection of this spiced rum brand, which combines spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian lime with blended Caribbean Rum. The rums pay homage to Admiral Edward Vernon who in 1740 came up with a way to ‘spice’ up the British Navy’s rum after they complained when he enforced a reduction in its strength.

This latest release adds more botanicals still, notably – pineapple – the aroma that will knock you for six (in a good way) as soon as you open the bottle. Serve it straight up with cola and ice.

2. Twin Fin Barrel-Aged

Twin Fin distillery has launched a range of four rums, inspired by the Cornish and Caribbean coastlines in equal measures.

It’s their Twin Fin Barrel-Aged Rum we want to tell you about though. Striking on the outside with its modern fonts and see-through bottle, while inside a blend of five-year old rum from Guyana is fused with six-year old rum from Panama. This is a deliciously unique, mellow and lightly citrus tasting rum. Try it in a Rum Old Fashioned – mix 2 parts of Twin Fin Barrel-Aged rum; 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, 1 splash water, 1-2 tsp sugar syrup. Add a twist of orange peel and muddle over ice.

3. The Apiarist Rum

We tooted our horn for beekeepers Alex and Natalie Conti turned gin makers when they launched their Apiarist Gin ‘Forager Edition’ a few months back and now they’re adding a honey-infused rum to their range.

Using the latest technology, The Apiarist Rum is rapid aged to the equivalent of a 3-year barrel aged rum. Light golden in hue, you’ll find notes of a blend of vanilla, almond, light oak and hints of lemon and no need to guess the most prominent smell and taste - honey from Alex and Natalie’s apiary.

This rum works brilliantly in a Mojito – muddle two parts rum with ice and plenty of fresh mint and add sugar syrup to taste.

4. Appleton Estate® 15-Year-Old Black River Cask Editor’s Pick!

Good things come to those who wait – this latest rum from Jamaica’s Appleton Estate has been aged for 15 years. Appleton Estate® 15-Year-Old Black River Cask, crafted by Master Blender Joy Spence pays homage to the Black River in Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, which waters flow from the spring where Appleton Estate sources the water used to create its distinct tasting rums.

You’ll get aromas of toasted almond and delicate hazelnut, followed by notes of intense orange peel, rich vanilla and subtle roasted coffee and molasses in this deep rich expression.

It’s so good we say drink it straight up on the rocks to get the maximum pleasure from this world-class rum.

5. Saint Benevolence

Here’s a rum brand with a conscience. Produced in Haiti from the island’s sugarcane, Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin sends 100% of profits to charities supporting local education and medical services. The brand has been founded by father and son team Calvin and Chase Babcock who have merged their love of rum with the quest to support charitable endeavours. It’s also a knockout rum – hot and spicy with wasabi hints on the nose and touches of green banana and briny green olive. Try it mixed with grapefruit tonic for a classy bittersweet aperitif.

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Chatting Food Contributor Jo Aspin Half American / half (born and bred) Londoner, Jo Aspin is a food writer and established freelance food, drink and lifestyle PR. She’ll be reporting on all the latest restaurant openings and news from the capital. When she’s not eating her way around London, she’s planning her next trip abroad. Follow Jo: @welovechilli @ilovechilli


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